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by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-05-05
The welded jacket is a heavy-duty leather jacket designed to protect the worker\'s arms and body from sparks and debris when welding.
These jackets are used for serious work, so they don\'t usually stay spotless.
However, the dirtier the leather, the harder it gets and the smell gets bad.
Wash the welding coat on the semi-finished product
Taking regularly will extend your life span and help you enjoy your work while wearing it. Moisten a rag.
You can get it completely wet with warm water, but then wring it dry so it won\'t get wet.
A few drops (
No more than 4)
Moisturizing body lotion on the rag.
Rub the rag and make the soap pass through the rag.
Gently scrub the jacket.
If the dirt is large, you may need to rinse the rag regularly and apply more soap to the rag so you don\'t just rub the dirt around the rag.
Soap will not only soften where the leather is hardened, it will also make the leather smell better.
When you go, rinse the wet area.
Each time you finish scrubbing a place, use a separate and hardly damp rag to rinse the already wet area.
This will prevent the soap from drying on the jacket.
Instead of using water directly on the jacket, wipe the soap on the jacket with a wet rag.
Also rinse the \"rinse rag\" regularly \".
Conditions for welding jacket. Use a leave-
On the leather conditioner, make your welded jacket comfortable and soft again.
You can put the conditioner on the leather with a clean and dry rag to prevent it from cracking.
This is very important because, in most cases, welded jackets need to be cleaned more frequently than other leather jackets, and the conditioner will keep them soft and easy to work.
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