How to choose the right aluminum door and window cutting machine equipment?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-29
How to choose the right aluminum door and window cutting machine equipment? You need to consider the following questions: 1. What is your cutting angle? For example, 45 degrees, 90 degrees; 2. What is your processing size? For example, width, length and height; 3. In addition, you also need to consider your budget, output, etc. If you still have a big problem, we can give you some suggestions according to your requirements. Based on our years of experience, we can help you better choose the equipment. The following are some examples of common door and window equipment. If you have a demand for this, you can directly check our equipment center. Cutting LJZ2-CNC-500×4200 (5000) aluminum alloy profile CNC precision cutting saw machine LJZ2-CNC-450×3700 (4200) aluminum alloy profile CNC cutting saw machine LJZ2-CNS-500×4200 (5000) aluminum alloy profile digital display Precision cutting sawing machine LJZ2-500×4200 (5000) aluminum alloy profile precision cutting sawing machine LJZ2-450×370 aluminum alloy profile linear cutting sawing machine LJZ2-450×3700 aluminum alloy profile double-head cutting sawing machine (also known as '06 sawKing') Angle group LZJ02A-120 aluminum door and window angle grouping machine LZJQ-120 aluminum door and window pneumatic multi-position angle grouping machine LZJ04-CNC-1800×3000B aluminum door and window CNC four-head group angle LZJ03-120×3000 aluminum door and window double-head group angle Machine corner code saw LJM-450 (500) heavy duty aluminum door and window corner code automatic cutting saw Angle code CNC automatic cutting saw machine (heavy duty) end milling type LXDW-20 aluminum-plastic profile end milling machine LXDB-250 aluminum profile combination end milling machine LXDB-250B aluminum profile combination end milling machine (for curtain wall) Punch type LY6-63 aluminum profile press LY -16 aluminum profile hardware press LC-30 aluminum profile punch LLZC-50 aluminum profile vertical rotatable combination punch copying milling SZS-100 aluminum door and window keyhole slot processing machine LXF-300×100 aluminum profile single-axis copying milling machine LXF2-300×100 Aluminum profile double-axis profile milling machine LFZG3-Aluminum profile profile milling three-hole drilling machine 252
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