How to choose good quality window and door


1 Glass According to the principle of cutting off the air medium to achieve sound insulation, the aluminum alloy doors and windows with hollow glass are more worthy of choice, because the insulating glass removes the air in glass, and also injects inert gas, and then seals the glue, so that the doors and windows can Isolating most of the high frequency and lower frequency noise. However, there are many doors and windows on the market, and there will be some mixed situations. If you want to ensure the quality of the double-glazed glass, try to choose the 3C certification mark.

2 Besides glass, the material of the profile of the door and window also affects the sound insulation. Generally speaking, the higher the metal content, the faster the sound of the profile propagates. But now the aluminum alloy doors and windows of broken bridges are the mainstream trend. What should we do? If you live on the side of the road and have higher requirements for sound insulation, you should make a decisive custom-made bridge aluminum, and pay attention to the quality and quantity of the sound insulation strip, the high-walled multi-cavity, the higher the elasticity of the sound-insulating strip,  the sound insulation effect is better.

3 The open method. In terms of the opening method, the different opening methods, its sound insulation and moisturizing effect are different.

Of course, the sound insulation effect is also related to the location of the house. In the buildings close to the road, the middle floor has the largest amount of noise and gradually decreases toward the top and bottom floors. In the neighborhood where buildings are covered, the noise of the top floor is the largest, and the amount of noise is reduced from top to bottom, because the higher the floor, the less the obstruction, and the greater the amount of noise.

Therefore, to reduce the noise impact, you can choose the right floor when considering the distance between the house and the noise source, the number of surrounding buildings, and the green coverage rate when buying a house. You should customize the doors and windows when you are renovating. Don’t buy those cheap. Inferior quality, no sound insulation at the time, no energy saving, you have to change in less than 3 years, time-consuming and laborious.

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