How to choose door and window processing equipment?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-19
With the progress of the times, the door and window industry is also changing by leaps and bounds, and good doors and windows are naturally indispensable for good equipment. A set of exquisite doors and windows has very high requirements for processing equipment. The following editor will introduce a set of basic production lines with relatively high cost-effective door and window aluminium processing machine: aluminum doors and windows processing requires the following mechanical equipment: corner saws, double-head saws , Section milling, punching, profiling milling machine, angle assembly machine; manual tools are; electric drill, riveting gun, impact drill, box ruler, caliper, scissors, trap, wallpaper knife, electric pen, marker pen, vernier caliper, vertical angle Ruler, angle ruler, etc. Equipped with a high-pressure air pump, the pressure is adjusted to 5-9mpa, the equipment uses 380 volts, and the three-phase four-wire system is grounded for the equipment. The main differences between ordinary doors and windows and system doors and windows are: 1. In terms of stability and performance, the system doors and windows have their own independent technical department, which will conduct strict tests and inspections on the components of the system doors and windows, so the various components are very well matched. It is not prone to failure, which is what we often say is good stability. Ordinary doors and windows are assembled by ordering different parts according to their own needs, but some problems will occur in the process of use, and the stability is relatively poor. After 2 to 3 years of research and development of system doors and windows, the materials, the performance and quality of the entire doors and windows are comprehensively tested, and the mature products are launched after reaching the expected goals. Ordinary doors and windows are temporarily integrated door and window products for a single project, and they are often not fully tested. 2. In terms of flexibility, the various parts of the system doors and windows have been fixed according to different performances. The room for selection is relatively small compared with ordinary doors and windows, so the flexibility is small. Ordinary doors and windows can be flexibly configured with their own components according to their needs. The system doors and windows are serialized and standardized products. The slot structure and material supply have strong exclusivity and incompatibility. The series can only be selected according to the needs of the project. Generally, independent projects will not be developed. Ordinary door and window materials can be selected by domestic and foreign manufacturers, or they can be opened temporarily, which is flexible. 3. In terms of software, while providing products, the system doors and windows also provide design software, design manuals, procurement manuals, processing manuals, professional special equipment and technical service support, which is a complete industrial chain. The quality of ordinary doors and windows depends on the level of designers and the processing and installation capabilities of door and window companies. 4. In terms of after-sales service, the warranty period of system doors and windows is longer than that of ordinary doors and windows. In addition to the engineering warranty of the door and window unit, the quality assurance of system doors and windows also includes the system company’s product warranty. In addition, the brand store can carry out simple repairs. Ordinary doors and windows often have no after-sales service, and the owners do not know who to call for repairs after the doors and windows fail. Most of the manufacturers of door and window aluminium processing machine are there. There are also some in the South, but the price/performance ratio is still not as high. It can be said to be the production base of door and window equipment. Which brands of equipment are better and more cost-effective? This is also something that many owners who need to purchase equipment are more concerned about. After all, the equipment is not used for one or two years. Good quality is the most important thing. In fact, as long as it is a formal door and window equipment manufacturer, the quality of the equipment can still be guaranteed. The mechanical quality of King Tool has always been second to none in the industry. All the details from accessories to components accumulate the long-term stability of the equipment quality. King Tool Machinery has professional personnel from Ru0026D and production to after-sales service. Equipment is not only to buy quality and price, but also to many customers. King Tool machinery has offices all over the country, but after-sales service is not advocated by us. Good products do not need after-sales service.
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