How to choose an aluminum profile equipment manufacturer: dual angles of the machine and the manufacturer

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-30
How to choose aluminum profile equipment manufacturers? Today, Machinery takes you to analyze this multiple-choice question from the perspective of both the machine and the manufacturer. At present, many manufacturers will launch all-round profile equipment. At present, is there a market for special profile equipment? In fact, whether to buy an all-rounder or a special-purpose product depends on the development and scale of the manufacturer. Some small manufacturers are not suitable for special profile equipment. Purchasing special profile equipment on a small scale will first bring cost pressure to manufacturers, so it is recommended to buy all-round profiles. Because small manufacturers do not have large orders, the business of small manufacturers is more complicated. Purchasing special profile equipment can only produce one type of profile, and other profiles that the customer needs cannot be met, so it is difficult to propose advantages and sign orders with customers. All-round profile equipment is more expensive than single-profile equipment, but the total cost is cheaper than all-round equipment. So, what kind of manufacturer is suitable for choosing a dedicated type? Special profile equipment is suitable for large factories, which have large orders. The use of special equipment can quickly rush to work, and large factories have enough funds to purchase equipment, and there is no economic pressure. There are many equipment for processing aluminum profiles. Today, I will introduce three basic equipments, namely cutting, drilling and tapping of aluminum profiles. This equipment is the basic equipment for processing aluminum profiles. A complete aluminum profile processing center not only has the above three basic equipment, but also includes bench drills, milling drills, and floor grinders. Not only that, many aluminum profile manufacturers with sufficient strength, such as Nanjing Meicheng Aluminum Co., Ltd., also have multiple CNC machining centers. CNC machining lathes, CNC machining milling machines, CNC machining boring and milling machines, etc. Their main advantages are: stable processing quality, high processing accuracy, and high repeatability. So, how to choose the manufacturer of aluminum profile equipment? 1. Scale. Good aluminum profile processing manufacturers have their own processing plants, with a certain scale, aluminium processing machine, and production personnel, and can produce and process aluminum profiles by themselves! The aluminum profile traders who take cats from others do not need to consider. The reason is that I don't have a processing workshop. Compared with the former, the technology is immature, the stock specifications of the profiles are not abundant, and there is no guarantee for after-sales. 2. Specification and quantity of industrial aluminum profiles and accessories. A professional industrial aluminum profile processing factory has at least hundreds of spot aluminum profiles and accessories, and has its own product catalog to meet the different needs of users. Buyers can buy all the goods they need in one place instead of looking for several suppliers at the same time. 3. Strong professionalism. Whether the aluminium processing machine and technical personnel provided by the manufacturer are professional. Do you know the principle, performance and applicability of each type of aluminum profile and pipe fittings? Do you understand the principles of various production lines and mechanical equipment, and whether you can quickly provide solutions when you encounter problems in the product application process. 4. Good professional ethics. A good aluminum profile processing manufacturer will be anxious for you, recommend suitable profiles and connection methods for you, and reduce costs and prices for you, instead of just selling profiles to you. 5. The cultural strength of the company. A good aluminum profile processing plant has its own corporate culture and purpose. This can reflect the cooperative ability of a company team. Good teamwork skills make work better and let you enjoy the process of communication instead of impetuousness and problems. 6. After-sales team. A number of after-sales team can solve various after-sales problems. It's not that you can't find someone after you buy the product, and you can't solve the problem. 191
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