How to check the safety of aluminum window and door


First, check the door and window frame

The good or bad installation of the door and window frame directly affects the firmness of the door and window. Therefore, the inspection of the door and window frame cannot be ignored. It is mainly checked whether the joint between the door and window frame and the wall is tight. If it is not tight enough, it is necessary to find someone to check and repair. ;

Second, check the door sash

1, check the appearance of doors and windows

The appearance of the doors and windows, one is to look at and touch with the hand, feel the surface of the door and window have scratches. Second, it is necessary to look at the gloss of the doors and windows, and the surface of the doors and windows has no obvious color unevenness. Then use the scale to see if the size of the door and window is deformed.

2, check the door and window seals

Mainly depends on whether the contact between the sealing strip and the glass and glass slot is flat, and there should be no curling or grooving. If the strip with the sealing strip is to be tightly attached to the glass, the joint between the strip and the profile should be no obvious. For gaps, joint gaps should be less than or equal to 1 mm.

Third, check the door and window lock

Check the flexibility of the door lock activity, whether it can smoothly carry out the action of unlocking and unlocking; then check the window, close the window lock, push the moving window by hand to check whether the window can be locked and not moved.

Fourth, door and window use inspection

Check if the door and window are open and closed smoothly and if there is abnormal shaking after the door and window are locked. You can shake the doors and windows back and forth by hand to see if the doors and windows in the shaking process are subject to abnormal resistance and sound.

The safety of doors and windows should be taken seriously. He is a part of the safety of our harbor. We need to maintain it and protect it. This will give us a home with peace of mind.


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