How to check the quality of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment, ten steps to help you judge

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-31
Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment is an important machine for door and window processing. It has a complete integrated function, the details of doors and windows can be cut out more accurately, and it has no thorns in every corner, because of its very good aluminium processing machine. The quality of processed products will be better. If you want to buy equipment immediately, you need to check and judge its quality. The following is a summary of ten steps to check the quality of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment.  (1) The geometric accuracy of parts includes size, shape and surface position accuracy. Frequently check items such as size, cylindricity, roundness, flatness, straightness, concentricity, parallelism, perpendicularity and offset. According to the characteristics of maintenance, sometimes relatively matching accuracy is required, rather than the geometric dimensions of individual parts.  (2) The surface quality of parts includes surface roughness, whether the surface has scratches, corrosion, cracks, peeling, burns, scratches and other defects.  (3) In addition to the hardness and depth of the hardened layer, the physical and mechanical properties of the part, such as tension state, equilibrium state, elasticity, stiffness, vibration, etc. Those who have been trained in the manufacturing and maintenance of parts must also conduct appropriate tests according to the situation.  (4) The hidden defects of broken aluminum doors and windows equipment parts include slag inclusions, pores, welds and other defects in the manufacturing process, as well as micro cracks generated during use.  (5) The quality and static balance of parts, such as the difference in mass between pistons and connecting rods, and the static balance of high-speed rotating parts such as crankshafts, fans, shafts, and wheels.  (6) The material characteristics of the parts, such as the alloy composition of the parts, the carbon content of the glue layer, the material uniformity of each part, the removal of graphite, the aging and deterioration of rubber materials, and so on.  (7) The bonding force between the surface material of the part and the substrate, such as electroplating layer, spraying layer, bonding force of surface layer and base material, bonding force of mechanically fixed connector, bonding force of bearing alloy and bearing seat, etc.  (8) Coordination of parts, such as coaxiality, parallelism, meshing and sealing of parts.  (9) The degree of wear of the equipment parts of broken aluminum doors and windows; correctly judge the degree of wear of the friction parts and wear parts, and determine whether it can continue to be used according to the wear.  (10) The cylinder block and cylinder head of the internal combustion engine should be tested for leakage.   In addition to the above, everyone should remember that when inspecting the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment, please check whether the equipment parts are damaged or have less oil, and whether the parts are worn during operation. During the inspection, the equipment will be further inspected. Only if the details of the team are good, the overall performance of the team will be better. 279
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