How to check the quality of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-11
How to check the quality of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment? We can consider the quality of the equipment from the comprehensive factors such as the manufacturer's manufacturing experience, service system, and solutions. There are many types of aluminum doors and windows on the market, and the quality varies. Today, we distinguish quality in terms of raw material selection, casting treatment and processing technology, and the price of aluminum doors and windows. From the point of view of materials, the systems, electrical components, and pneumatic parts used in high-quality aluminum equipment are all very good products. Inferior parts will definitely not be selected. The castings are treated with special hardness to ensure that the body is not easily deformed. Improve the accuracy of the equipment and extend the service life. Secondly, from the perspective of production technology, manufacturers of high-quality aluminum alloy door and window aluminium machine generally have their own Ru0026D teams, which are in line with international standards. The user-friendly design makes the equipment easier, more convenient and safer in use; the staff on the production line also All have undergone rigorous training and formally set sails to ensure that every step of the processing is accurate. In the process of processing. Equipment processed in this way can ensure that every standard is met. We are also very particular about machining accuracy and installation and maintenance. The aluminum doors and windows that cut corners are impossible to be accurate, and it is enough to consider the service life and manual operation, because the finished products can be processed at present. From the price point of view, generally speaking, the price of good quality aluminum doors and windows equipment is about 40% higher than the price of fake aluminum doors and windows equipment because of the high production cost. At present, in the processing of aluminum profile equipment, there are many individual users, but they do not understand the structural characteristics and performance of the aluminum profile equipment. In a small workshop, a complete set of production equipment costs 70,000 to 80,000 yuan, while in a large factory, only a high-precision double-head saw costs 60,000 to 70,000 yuan. This kind of investment is not because big factories have more money, but because their cutting accuracy is definitely not at the same level! . In terms of price, not quality, it looks really ho ho. And this is just a device. How many other devices are there? Therefore, the investment of a large factory is large, and the investment of a small factory is small. If you want to produce a product, would you say that its quality is good? Is it accurate? Similarly, the parts factory must produce good products that meet the quality standards, and the hardware investment must reach the benchmark to produce products that meet the hardware standards. The cost must be high. In the current highly transparent environment of fierce market competition, there is no huge profit. Fourth, looking at after-sales service, fake and inferior aluminum alloy doors and windows cut corners, reduce costs, and continue to charge fees. If you follow the principle of as long as it can be sold, the risk of the product is very high, and the general after-sales service effect can be considered. I dare not sign an after-sales service contract with you in the early stage. However, brand manufacturers are different. They tend to guarantee the quality of the product as soon as it is produced to reduce the cost of after-sales service. In this way, they can not only discuss after-sales service issues with customers, but also reduce unnecessary after-sales service, save their own costs and customers' time and energy, and improve customer efficiency. Of course, eating whole grains can sometimes make you sick. Equipment may occasionally fail, depending on the use and maintenance habits of workers. At this time, we must ensure that the manufacturer has a professional after-sales service team to provide after-sales service in a timely manner. 285
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