How to carry out daily maintenance of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows processing equipment?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-07
How to carry out daily maintenance of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows aluminium processing machine? Broken bridge aluminum parts equipment occupies a large proportion in the parts equipment industry. The accessories produced by this equipment are very practical, so in addition to the price, we will talk about the maintenance of this equipment today. Some people may think that the doors and windows of the broken bridge aluminum do not need much maintenance, just wipe them with a towel. Everyone’s way of thinking is wrong. Good operating habits are very important. The operator has a certain understanding of the operating equipment in the broken bridge aluminum fittings, including the control methods and various technical indicators of the operating equipment, and checks the equipment components, including sundries, Whether the mechanical parts, processed parts and operating parts are normal. The environment in which the equipment is in use is also very important. The general equipment environment is mainly a dry and clean environment. For the maintenance of bridge aluminum window equipment, the maintenance method is very important. The first is regular cleaning. During the processing of the equipment, the equipment Each of the components will leave a variety of small substances, and with the accumulation of time, each component will form a special group of impurities. Over time, each part has formed a special impurity group. While using the special lubricating oil to lubricate the equipment connection, the equipment is supplied and adjusted to meet the normal processing needs. For example, adjust the fastening degree and cutting angle of the cutting equipment, and appropriately adjust the precision of the guide rail. The circuit of the device can also be maintained during use. There are many details that need attention in the maintenance of aluminum window equipment, so it is very important for users to choose the right aluminum window equipment supplier, and interested customers are welcome to come and buy. In fact, not only the broken bridge aluminum parts and equipment require regular maintenance. Any type of aluminum alloy accessories and equipment need attention. Maintenance can not only extend the service life of the equipment, but also improve production efficiency. In recent years, we have noticed that the peripheral accessories have become more and more beautiful, and the material properties have also improved. In fact, this is closely related to the processing equipment of the abutment aluminum accessories. Broken bridge aluminum parts equipment can be classified according to equipment angle, cutting, pressing and other processing procedures. For users, a good experience of the equipment is not only the performance of the machine, but also the maintenance required. So, what are the maintenance techniques for broken bridge aluminum parts and equipment? 1. Do not let the broken bridge aluminum accessories equipment dry. The climate in many areas is relatively humid, so doors and windows equipment are also relatively humid. At this time, wipe the machine with a dry cloth, and place the accessories as equipment in a ventilated and dry environment. 2. As the long-term friction between the processed awns is relatively dull, to maintain the lubrication between them, lubricating methods such as lubricating oil or wax oil can be used. Among them, the lubricating effect of oil is relatively high, but the price is relatively high. 3. Control the operating time. Strictly speaking, our abutment aluminum accessories equipment is produced according to the eight-hour work system. If we need to work overtime, we need to lower the temperature of the machine or shut it down at 8-9. Turn off the machine for 30-60 minutes, the machine will work normally, will not cause excessive damage to the machine due to long-term use, and the service life of the door and window equipment will be shortened. 4. When opening and closing the aluminum bridge-breaking equipment in use, the operation should be light, the push and pull should be natural, and the aluminum bridge-breaking equipment should not be pushed hard. Don't push or pull the accessories too hard, this will not only break the bones, but also cause certain injuries. Shorten the service life of accessory equipment. Not only need to regularly maintain the aluminum curtain equipment for cutting bridges, but also need to pay attention to any aluminum curtain equipment. Maintenance can not only extend the service life of the equipment, but also improve production efficiency. Hope these contents will help you to some extent! 188
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