How to carry out daily maintenance of aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-05
Aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment needs daily maintenance and maintenance, so as to ensure the quality of the output products and the durability and service life of the equipment itself. In fact, whether it is aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment, or broken bridge aluminum doors and windows processing equipment, the maintenance method It is basically the same. It is necessary to lubricate the lubricated area and regularly check the damage (abrasion) of different parts of the equipment. If you encounter a relatively large problem, you need to contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting and handling. Frequently check the parts and fasteners of each mechanism to prevent loosening. Lubricate the transmission components regularly, and lubricate the movable head rails weekly. Keep a certain amount of oil in the triple oil cup. The circulating water in the water tank should be replaced every day. The water tank should be cleaned regularly every week. Check the faucet frequently. If blockage is found, clean it up in time. The working surface and jaws of the positioning plate, upper and lower pressing pliers should be kept clean and free of oil stains, and should be wiped once every shift. The aluminum alloy door and window equipment should be cleaned when not in use, and then the circular guide rail and other moving parts should be treated with rust prevention. Keep the electrical cabinet clean, clean it frequently, and blow it away with an air gun. The power supply system at the site where the equipment is located should be regularly overhauled, and the relationship between the power supply phase and the neutral line of the equipment should be checked. Check the high-pressure hose regularly. Long-term use of high-pressure hose will cause aging, and damage everywhere will reduce the compression strength of the hose. The air source processor should be cleaned regularly, and the pressure gauge should be well debugged. The storage environment of the equipment should be kept dry and free of moisture and corrosive gases to avoid damage to the equipment. 8 maintenance measures for insulating glass processing equipment 3 points when selecting broken bridge aluminum doors and windows aluminium processing machine Regularly check whether the spray device needs to be added with coolant, check the screws and fasteners on the machine to prevent loosening from affecting the use, especially the travel switch behind the two ends. The machine tool should be kept clean. After each shift, the chips should be removed in time, and the dust on the surface of the guide rail and the machine tool should be wiped off. Lubricating oil should be applied to the exposed surface of the circular guide rail and evenly applied. When the equipment is not in use for a long time, corresponding cleaning and maintenance work should be done, and a protective cover can be appropriately added. The above is the knowledge about how to carry out daily maintenance of aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment. If you have any needs for aluminum alloy doors and windows equipment, please feel free to contact us at any time to provide you with experienced equipment selection guidance and solutions. 87
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