How much is the middle and high-end production of broken aluminum doors and windows machinery? [Door and window equipment]

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-06

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Jinan Yuechen equipment manufacturers Tel: 15764171929 (also micro-signal), QQ: 3042251351 Landline: 0531-84283796 Wang Manager in the high-end production of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows machinery has a few about how much 50 series of casement window production equipment which 50 series What are the detailed information about the casement window production equipment? What are the basic information of the 50 series casement window production equipment? What are the 50 series casement window production equipment? 50 series of flat-opening window processing equipment professional manufacturer Tel: First of all, we have to figure out which 50-inch casement window production equipment refers to which casement window processing equipment, in general, 50 series casement window processing equipment: double head Cutting saws, angle grinders, face milling machines, corner saws, punching machines and copy milling machines, which are from a large perspective. In general, we choose 50 series of casement window processing equipment to see what our annual output is. Scope, the average annual output of the casement window is 30,000-50,000 square meters. The editor recommends a set of 50 series casement window production equipment: digital precision saw, angle machine, combined face milling machine, automatic angle Code cutting saw, copy milling machine. Jinan Yuechen Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in door and window equipment and machinery processing for many years. Since its establishment, the company has adopted high starting point, high standard and high requirements from the aspects of talent management, production technology, product quality and market sales. The design, development, manufacturing and sales of products strictly implement industry standards. Aluminum-plastic profile heavy-duty CNC swing-arm double-head cutting sawing machine is mainly used for cutting and cutting of aluminum alloy curtain wall profiles and aluminum-plastic door and window profiles. LJZ2-CNC-500X4200A aluminum-plastic profile heavy-duty CNC swing-arm double-head cutting sawing machine uses hard alloy with an outer diameter of up to 20', high linear speed and high machining precision. When the aluminum-plastic profile heavy-duty CNC swing-arm double-head cutting sawing machine works, the two saw heads can be cut at the same time or cut separately. The saw blade can be placed at a desired angle of 90° and 45°. The saw blade is from bottom to top, the sawing profile is safer and more reliable, and the sawing height and sawing width are large. Aluminum-plastic profile heavy-duty CNC swing-arm double-head cutting sawing machine is more suitable for high-volume, high-precision machining of aluminum-plastic doors and windows and aluminum curtain wall materials. Technical parameters: input power: 380V 50HZ (three-phase four-wire) input power: power 2 × 2.2KW motor speed: 3850r / min working pressure: 0.5MPa-0.8MPa gas consumption: 200L / min sawing length: 550-4200mm ( 45°) 480-4200mm (90°) sawing width: Max 230mm (45°) Max 250mm (90°) sawing height: Max 100mm (45°) Max 130mm (90°) sawing angle: 90°, 45 °Saw blade specification: Φ500mm×4.4mm×Φ30mm Z=120 Repeat positioning accuracy: ≤0.3mm Profile cutting angle tolerance: ±5' Cutting plane flatness: ≤0.10mm Cutting profile roughness: Ra 12.5μm Dimensions: 5370mm × 1300mm × 1360mm Weight: About 1500kg After-sales service: service commitment a) The host is guaranteed for one year, free maintenance for life (only component fees). b) Free installation and commissioning equipment. c) Provide free and regular return visits to the equipment. d) Train equipment operators and maintenance personnel for the user free of charge. e) Provide industry information to users free of charge. Sophisticated products and perfect service are the basis for sincere cooperation with you. Sincere pursuit and correct choice are our useful bridges. All employees of Jinan Yuechen Machinery warmly welcome friends from the door and window business community to come to our company for negotiation, guidance and total Seek development!

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