how it works; if you behave yourself, i\'ll print you a toy

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Peter waynermay 29, 2003 watch through the magical lens of science fiction
The size printer looks as amazing as the transporter in Star Trek.
\'\'In has a digital idea of one thing, and the thing itself will appear.
In practice, three
Size printing is quite common.
Many of these machines use computers.
A controlled flow of chemical or laser that combines the powder material layer by layer into an object.
Just as modern printers use billions of dots to generate images, three
The size printer arranges billions of tiny spots of plastic or metal to produce objects.
Computers make sure that billions of people end up in the right place, and the process can take hours or even a day.
These machines are very expensive and cost tens of thousands of dollars or more, which industrial designers or engineers use to make prototypes of parts or other objects.
But some companies are considering the possibility of producing a lower product.
The pricing version of the home may eventually be entered.
Then, for example, a grandmother can
Mail the toy to her grandson by sending a software file, or anglers at home can prepare for a day\'s fishing by printing some bait optimized for season and weather.
Advertising kevin McAlea, senior vice president, global revenue generation, 3D Systems, a printer manufacturer based in Valencia, California
Mass production may lower the price of the machine, but no one knows if there will be a market, he said.
Advertising \"is this just a supplement to the engineering draftsman business or an important addition to the general office or home? \'\' he said.
there a market for a family of three-
The size printer depends to a certain extent on the improvement of the technology.
Mike Rufo, president of Syracuse design prototype technology, used these machines to make objects for his customers before conducting the manufacturing process.
The reliability of these machines is improving rapidly, he said, but is not ready to go home yet.
\"They have little ability to maintain.
The laser printer is free but much better than ever. Rufo said.
\"Five years ago, you had to have an on-call service technology all the time.
\"There are many competing ways to use a combination of plastic, paper, metal and glue that are sprayed, melted, cut, dissolved, precipitated by chemicals, heat and light
Machines from company Z, a small company based in Burlington, Massachusetts.
For example, wrap a thin layer of powder into a suitable shape by spraying the liquid from the ink
Modified jet print head from HewlettPackard design.
The machine repeats this process to build the object.
For powder, company Z uses starch or gypsum.
A lot of our materials are food.
Marina hasopoulos, president of the company, said, \"but the taste is not very good . \"
\"Other companies use metal or plastic powder.
The 3D system uses a laser to heat metal or plastic.
The company also produces stereo printing machines that aim UV lasers at a large bucket of polymer fragments.
The photo-catalytic reaction of the molecules enables the laser to attract objects layer by layer.
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In another method, a model is built layer by layer from a small nozzle sprayed with plastic or welding agent.
These machines are all working. -
Using business terms--
Positively, this means that they build models by adding them.
Different types of machines work negatively, guiding the milling machine to cut the model from a piece of raw plastic, wax, or metal.
Often, positive solutions can create more complex models that embed parts into other parts. Advertising Lady
Hatsopoulos explained that the starch in her company machine kept the separation of the internal parts.
\"We can make a ball in one ball,\" she said . \".
\"We have very cool ball bearings.
\"In other methods, interlocking components are built with two different materials.
Machines from Stratasys, based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
For example, building a stand from water-
Soluble Material that can be washed away after the object is completed.
The quality of the finished product is different.
For example, Z\'s machines provide a more rough sand surface at a relatively low price.
The print head can also color the material to produce objects with complex patterns on the surface.
Tools that rely on lasers can usually provide higher accuracy and smoother surfaces, and the price may be several times higher.
Designers often use lower
High-end machines for testing but turn to high-end
Precision Equipment for final operation.
Tim Reher, president of Print3d. com, a model-
Make the store, sell the model he made with the Z Company printer and finish it with wax, glue or plastic resin.
\"It acts like a sponge,\" he said . \"
\"You can make the flexible part by dipping the starch part with elastic polyurethane.
\"\'I say to people,\' tell me what you want to do ,\'\'Reher said.
\"You can make it look like a piece of plastic.
You can draw. You can snap-fit it.
You can actually use this part.
I \'ve heard of pieces posted on F-outside. 16.
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A version of the article was printed on page 8 of the National edition Gilles on May 29, 2003, with the title: How it works;
If you follow the rules, I\'ll print you a toy.
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