How does the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment process aluminum alloy window frames?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-10-01
How does the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment process aluminum alloy window frames? The processing of the window frame is mainly to cut the aluminum profile at the beginning, and then perform a series of processes of corner assembly, milling, and stamping, so as to achieve the effect of processing. Broken bridge aluminum window frame is a new type of window frame composed of hollow broken bridge aluminum profile, insulating glass and high-grade hardware. The outstanding function of the aluminum window frame of the broken bridge is energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof, waterproof and anti-seepage, reaching the national A1 class window frame standard. The processing flow of the broken bridge aluminum window frame is as follows: 1. Cutting Due to the difference in the straight connection method and the setting method of the frame fan angle, the equipment selection of the broken bridge aluminum window frame and the plastic steel window frame is also different. In addition to double-head saws, the thermally insulated bridge-breaking aluminum window frame equipment also has a corner cutting saw for the bridge-broken aluminum window frame. Adiabatic double-head cutting saws for aluminum doors and windows mainly include CNC precision cutting saws, digital precision cutting saws, precision cutting saws and ordinary double-head cutting saws. 2. The angle mode of the angled aluminum window frame is different from that of the plastic steel window frame. The former is corner connection, and the latter is directly heated and welded. Therefore, the aluminum window frame equipment for thermally insulating and breaking the bridge adopts a corner aluminium machine. Corner stitching machines are mainly divided into four-head corner stitching machines, double-head corner stitching machines and single-head hydraulic corner stitching machines. 3. Milling equipment for milling aluminum doors and windows with thermally insulated broken bridges mainly includes face milling machines and slotting machines. The straight connection of the aluminum door and window frame of the thermally insulated broken bridge is not welded, but screwed. The end face milling machine of the broken aluminum window frame is mainly used for milling the end face of the middle tappet profile, so that the middle tappet and the frame body material are reasonably connected. 3. The lock slot processing machine in the broken bridge aluminum window frame equipment is mainly used to process the slot and lock hole of the insulated broken bridge aluminum window frame. Fourth, the stamping equipment for stamping thermally insulated aluminum doors and windows is mainly divided into pneumatic stamping equipment and hydraulic stamping equipment, which are used for stamping grooves and handle holes. Through the above steps, the broken bridge aluminum door and window aluminium processing machine can complete the processing of the door and window frame. The refined process steps are to better process every detail. 189
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