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by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-22

CNC, computer numerical control, machine tool system is a kind of mechanical processing equipment controlled by computer.In short, computer-aided design (CAD) software is used to make designs for parts to be processed.The design is translated into numbers and coordinates.The CNC machine tool system can then \"read\" these instructions and move the machining tool to the exact coordinates.Therefore, each part is cut and formed according to the exact specifications of the design.Alas, there is more to be done as a qualified operator.Let\'s quickly understand the history of CNC machining and other important components for successful CNC operation.Since 1950, the CNC machine has been present, getting instructions from the perforated tape.The idea is ultimately accepted by manufacturers, but every manufacturer wants to create their own language.In standard language G-1960Some programs use standardized code.At the same time, computer-aided design also appeared on the spot, and some affordable mini computers also appeared on the spot.computers.As the economy eased and labor costs rose in the 1970 s, companies began to tend to use computer numerical control processing.Soon after, the development of PCs and cheaper, more powerful microprocessors opened the computer numerical control market for markets of all sizes, including enthusiasts.Today, many CNC software, including open source CNC Software, already exist.The machine must have the following instructions in order to start cutting the parts.Remember G-Code standardized in the 1970 s?This is a \"Go\" code that tells the CNC machine where to Go, where to turn and when to cut.The M code is used to tell the CNC machine when to turn on additional equipment or add liquid.The code is generated by CAM software and then via a flash device or even Wi-If so.Once the computer CNC machine tool is loaded, the CNC operator puts the parts that need to be cut into the machine tool and prepares and fixes it as needed.From there, the machine operator will start the CNC machine and monitor the operation.The CNC machine will follow its instructions, which makes it quite easy for the CNC operator to work at this point.However, supervision must be carried out in the event of a problem requiring trouble shooting.What is the use of CNC machines?Computer numerical control machine tools are used to manufacture various products and components.CNC machines can be used to cut metal, acrylic and other materials into precise shapes, drilling and grinding surfaces to achieve precise specifications.They can be used for engraving items, embroidery items, cutting leather, etc.From car parts, nuts and bolts to trophies, engraving labels, and more, CNC machining is used to make many parts that are used in manufacturing.For example, if you have an iPhone 5c, the color case for your iPhone is CNC.If you have an inkjet printer, it is a basic CNC machine, and whenever you press the \"print\" button, it moves the print head along the x-axis according to the instructions sent to it.
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