homemade cnc milling machine v2 - arduino uno grbl

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-05-16
I would like to introduce my second cnc milling machine.
Currently, it is ready for 1 axis with control arduino GRBL.
Eventually, I will add more steps to build my machine in the order it was created.
The purpose of this project is to verify that it is based on arduino uno (or nano).
For the structure of the machine, I used the standard component to get the www directly. aliexpress.
Com and components, which made me have to build my first CNC milling machine.
The design of the machine is based on the medium fiber board.
This scheme is very cheap and has good damping.
The installation principle is the same as my previous project and no special tools are required.
The list of parts I use in the machine is as follows: 4 x guide support-
Sk102 x-axis Guide-
10mm in diameter, about 200mm in length
Sc10u1 x ball screw-
SFU1605 200mm end machining 1 x ball screw bearing block-
Stepping Motor-17HS4401 (nema17)
1, 8A 1 x stpper driver-
TB6560 1 axis1 x coupling 5x101 x arduino uno 1 x usb cable for arduino1 x power supply 19 V 3, 95A (from laptop)
1 x power connector maleadtion: wire, medium fiber board 32mm and 10mm, screw M5, nut M5, laundry washer: wrench 8mm, drill bit 6mm, wood saw, File. . .
First, load the source file GRBL into arduino uno.
The GRBL project is being developed as a free software and you can download it from the website.
After uploading the compiled file to arduino uno, we can continue to connect the controller and the motor.
It is very important to download the software to send the command G (G-CODE SENDER)
So do your computer.
You must also configure the GRBL environment for your machine.
The process is described in detail on the website.
Compared to my previous CNC milling machine design, it is smaller and lighter.
The 17hsa61 Motor also has a smaller holding torque.
However, regarding the feed rate, I was able to get 3000/mm when the screw spacing was 5mm/rev
On my first machine, the maximum feed rate is 700 mm/mm.
At the moment, it is not possible for me to check the machine by milling.
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