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by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-04-05
Matsuura designed HSC machines for daily use.
High speed cutting (HSC)
In the aircraft and aerospace industries, high-speed milling of aluminum has proven itself.
Why not introduce its ability into daily production?
This is a challenge recognized by Matsumura Zhengsen, son of the founder of Matsumura machinery, Fukui Prefecture, Japan, who believes that many of the inherent advantages of high-speed cutting may become the key to the competitive survival of metal workers.
In the aircraft industry, high-speed cutting has successfully shortened the processing time, mainly for light metal alloys.
According to Mr. Songpu, high-productivity highways are opening up new horizons in the mold industry, especially in terms of finishing operations and more traditional machining in the future.
By increasing the cutting speed by 10 times, the processing time is shortened and the finished product quality is improved.
In addition to simply installing high-speed spindles on traditional milling machines, HSC involves more.
There are many key prerequisites for using these extreme cutting speeds, even with milling cutters with a small diameter.
Songpu machinery has been determined: * high quality and stable machine tools;
* Drive high speed spindle directly;
* Spindle with sufficient power;
* Dynamic CNC control with large memory;
* Control with advanced function;
* Fast acceleration/deceleration capability.
Most importantly, tools, balance tools and clamping tools must be selected correctly, and the machine must be closed and protected for safety reasons.
It is recommended to use HSK tool clips. changing tools must be fast-
In just 2 seconds.
According to today\'s definition, when HSC is mentioned, it is mainly high-speed milling, although this high-productivity machining technology has great potential.
Depending on the application, there are many definitions that can best describe high speed cutting.
HSC is a processing technology. the cutting speed is five to ten times higher than the traditional processing and feeding speed (
Usually more than 10 m/min)
Higher than conventional.
Depending on the material, high-speed cutting significantly changes the process properties such as material removal rate, heat accumulation, and Chip formation.
Contrary to what many may think, high-speed cutting is not based on the spindle and a tool that rotates at an extremely high speed.
High speed cutting speed is combined with unconventional high feed speed.
Usually in high-speed milling of copper, graphite and harder metals, the cutting depth is very shallow (DOC)
Need to obtain the same cutting condition as the generated HSC toolpath continuously.
Material can be removed step by milling a contour cross
Segment and move the next layer of material down.
Where possible, the cutting is carried out in a climbing milling mode on the vertical mill side, because the axial pressure of these tools is difficult to withstand.
For A range of key machining parameters and values that define high speed cutting, see chart.
Reducing cutting forces on products/tools and machine tools is one of the main benefits of HSC;
As the heat is taken away with the chip, the heat generated on the workpiece is reduced;
Improvement of dimensional accuracy;
Improve the surface finish;
Reduce Burr formation;
Fewer different tools are required;
Easier and lighter clamping;
Less processing, better chip processing.
Possible shortcomings, including tool stability, large tool wear and complex programming, must be addressed in the use of spindle and machine tool design, tool retention and advanced CNC control.
Songpu said that the spindle and machine design company invested 10% of its annual turnover in the research and development of drive, rail and structural components.
The approach taken by the company is that all machine tool components must be designed to meet the unusual needs of high-speed cutting, such as frequent and sudden changes in direction and speed and rapid acceleration/acceleration speed.
When the feed speed is at a maximum load of up to 25 m/min, the servo drive system must be able to operate.
For example, the tracking global system is effective within the working range of 10 m/min.
The structure of the machine must be rigid, but light in weight, so as not to affect the accuracy of the workpiece.
The traditional way of thinking can no longer meet the needs of high-speed dynamic hematopoietic stem cells.
More and more machine tool manufacturers like songtail have successfully used lighter materials, especially the mechanical configuration of rib elements that have been effectively analyzed by finite element, and integrated and drive for guide rail, bearing.
Due to the high damping capacity under working conditions, Fiat rails with wide spacing are applied.
High speed possibilities to protect and close operators from machine crashes.
For example, anyone who has witnessed the amazing effect of crushing a mill or a workpiece broken at a speed of more than 8000 rpm, never complain that a fully packaged working envelope will reduce the convenience of operation.
In addition, a large number of redhot chips produced in liver cells must also be included as well as oil.
In high-speed cutting, controlling the thermal conditions, especially the thermal conditions of the spindle, is essential for obtaining [
Table data for chart
High quality products.
Songpu designs and produces its own special high-speed spindle for its FX-and other normal production machines1, FX-5, and FX-
10 models, using adirect-
Drive the spindle to ensure a quick response of the spindle and the motor as a whole.
A specially developed sleeve separates thespindle from the heat generated in the motor.
In actual milling, the spinner provides high torque in a wide range of freely selectable speeds to suit standard HSC conditions. These built-
In function, air or a small amount of oil can be cooled through the spindle and fine trimming can be done in this difficult caseto-
Machine metal such as stainless steel, titanium, Inconel and hardened knife steel up to HRc 60.
This is achieved by installing an advanced AC motor running at two different speeds/power levels.
High torque and low RPM make it possible to use considerable tools during the removal of rough machining from high materials.
Switch to a high speed cutting speed, such as 40,000 rpm, and reach a high speed range on a single machine bed even if the tool diameter drops to 6mm. Temperature-
The controlled spindle runs very fast under normal conditions, reaches 20,000 rpm in 5 seconds, can rotate at high speed for a long time, no problem, and slows down to a full stop of 20,000 rpm in 3 minutes5 sec.
Optional spindles of 30,000 rpm and 40,000 rpm are available.
For superior performance at high speed and long life, large 80mm Hybrid ceramic bearings are used.
They are characterized by the steel inner and outer races with ceramic precision balls, which provide stiffness and lower friction due to their light weight, extremely high hardness and low load under high centrifugal force.
As a result, the heat generated is greatly reduced during high-speed rotation, and some HSC spindle typical treble whine sound is reduced, requiring only a very small lubrication spray even under harsh conditions.
CNC control smatsuura selected yas American M80 CNC to process a large amount of data that must be processed to keep up with the high speed movement of the axis of the machine tool while providing smooth control of the direction change
Solutions were found in extremely fast data provisioning and changes, with block cycle times better than 0.
2 MS with advanced functions.
Clever algorithm to compensate geometric errors such as servo
The lag, reversal, and overshooting errors that occur.
For these cases, Songpu uses independent options such as avery advanced Z-
IZ function and a pair of IZ-1 and IZ-
2 High speed converters.
The latter two options command the CAD/CAM station incrementally in 3D, but only as a set of points.
For experienced users, there are more useful features to choose from that must be selected from an in-depth study of the. work being considered within the company.
Proper programming of a toolpath is also very important for highways.
Most users do external programming under ISO code.
It\'s too difficult to do this in a machine-controlled workshop, and time is tight, without a conversation pattern available.
Load the milling program into CNC control through the DNC network.
However, it is easy to complete editing and control through the menu function.
Tool and flap High Speed Milling can only be done efficiently by using some of the best available cutting tools in balanced settings, including selection of base materials, coatings and geometry.
Wear can be quite high even under the best conditions.
In many applications, higher tool prices are the decisive factor in determining whether high-speed cutting is economically feasible.
The best profit is the fine processing of the product.
The surface finish equivalent to some grinding operations is possible.
In this technique, the cutting force not only plays an important role, but also the centrifugal force and vibration.
In most tools and molds, the internal profile must usually be machined with a slender milling tool.
Therefore, a solid rigid body is required. A one-or two-
The tooth-type fine-grained monolithic carbide cutter is the best solution.
In most of the demos in Songpu, the Kobelco grinding and cutting machines were used.
Multi-Crystal CBN Mills with special cutting geometry were also tested.
For the best surface finish, metallic ceramics have proved to be special tool materials, although they are difficult to re-grind.
Polycrystal diamond is most suitable for non-ferrous metal applications such as high-speed milling of aluminum.
Some new clamping concepts are being developed and tested separately for HSC purposes, such as HSK tool holders.
Fukui also mentioned the work that is being done around the world, and the shrink sleeves are almost perfectly balanced.
For more information about method machine tools, see MA Sudbury.
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