high speed control slashes machining time.

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The savings in completion and discovery time have made the Mold store shorter in time.
Sagittarius Mold\'s latest CNC mill runs around other machines in the store.
When you think the machine is 13 years old and survived a factory fire, its performance is even more impressive.
But the old, faster Mill has something new, slower machines don\'t have: high speed CNC control with the fastest servo rate in the industry.
The high speed brought about by this control method completely changes the store\'s method of processing and programming 3D parts.
Sagittarius Mold Inc. , a plastic injection Mold shop in Greenville, SC, was burned down in April 1992, but founder and owner NormHervey is not ready to retire.
He bought two new vertical machining centers. VMCs)
Moved into the leased facility
After three years of long years and hard work, he moved into a new 22,000-sq-
The FT grows plants a few miles from the original store.
The process of converting steel blocks into molds by plastic injection molding machines involves mixing 2D and 3D machining, and the number of each machining varies with work.
When the mixture swings too far to the 3d Machining side, it creates a problem: \"The feed rate of our two VMCs --10 to 30 ipm -
It\'s too slow, \"explains Ellis Jarrell, Sagittarius CNCmanager.
\"The slow feed speed effectively limits the amount of work we can handle.
\"Sagittarius needs more 3D milling capabilities to handle its growing business.
The store wants the high speed rate of a brand new machine without having to buy one.
It has an electronic tracking plant of 1984, similar to its two newer VMCs, damaged in a fire, but has always been a potential candidate for reconstruction.
The store found the company that made the tracking factory (
VMCs updated with itstwo)
Hope to buy a new stateof-the-
Art CNC control of the repaired rolling mill.
The manufacturer proposes to sell a control device to the store like the one originally attached to the factory, or like the one on two newer VMCs in the store.
However, the company will only serve as a new-
Machine purchase.
Sagittarius then turned to an independent manufacturer of CNC control.
While exploring the field, the store learned about the creative evolution cnc control made by creative technology companies (CTC)
Arlington Heights in IL
CNC is a 3-, 4-and 5-
Enables the company to mill axis control of 3D profiles at ten times faster than before-
Their existing milling machines and machining centers.
This control can be used for refitting or OEM applications.
Control has advanced appearance-
Forward capability for automatic maintenance-
Keep a constant feed speed and surface speed without affecting the cutting accuracy.
Its digital signal processor (DSP)
Measuring the andupdates position command is 30 times faster than other high speed controls.
The block transmission time is as short as 220 milliseconds, resulting in throughput of more than 4500 blocks per second.
It can communicate with CAD/CAM system, and the speed is 1000 times faster than the traditional direct numerical control (DNC)systems.
A demonstration of creative evolutionary control at a mechanical center at the Arlington Heights headquarters of the CTC has led Sagittarius to believe in the effectiveness of the control performance statement.
As part of a more comprehensive package, Sagittarius bought that control.
Two updated VMCs and high speed electrode mills were added to the shop-
The store also runs EDM machines.
It was purchased shortly after the company moved into the new building.
From the beginning, because of its faster processing speed, all 3D milling is arranged on the modified machine.
\"Where our other VMCs will do 3D milling at 10 to 30 ipm, machines modified with innovative evolution CNC can do contour milling at 80 to 200 ipm, mr. jarrell continued.
\"We can process 3D mold assemblies in 5 to 6 hours and it will take 1 1/2 to 2 days on any other machine,\" added CarlCollins, who operates the modified machine.
\"On the finishing cutin of the 4140 steel cavity, we are able to achieve the cutting speed of the cutting ipm without losing precision.
With the backlog of 3D processing easing, concerns have shifted to a different but related issue: the programming system for the store.
The Two VMCs programs of Theshop are prepared from the workshop on Unix.
Based on the workstation and downloaded to the machine through the DNCsystem in the store.
This arrangement seems to be sufficient for both machines, but when the high speed electrode Mill is installed, the problem begins to surface.
First, it increases the programming load.
Second, like the other two machines, the program is downloaded to the electrode factory through the DNC system.
However, the control process programming data of the electrode Mill is faster than the data provided by the DNC, which causes the electrode Mill to stop waiting for more data on a regular basis.
Added the modified mill, and-
The faster innovation and development of CNC has exacerbated the problem.
\"I can\'t make programs for our four machines quickly enough with our existing workstations and CAM software,\" Mr. Jarrell recalls . \".
\"There are parts in the store for backup.
I create programs on long hours of work and weekends to keep the machine running five days a week.
We hope to be able to operate the machine seven days a week.
We need to add another workstation and programmer, or find other ways to increase our programming capabilities.
\"One of the alternatives considered is the 3D CAM software from Sescoi USA Inc. , Southfield, Michigan, called ledworknc, installed on a PC
Based on machine control or workshop PC, programmed directly on the machine by the operator.
The software is graphic. based.
The operator uses a graphical representation of the part on the screen to identify the area to be processed, and makes appropriate menu selections and keys in the digital data when needed.
The software uses this information to automatically generate the required toolpath.
The operator can edit the program and publish it
Run on other CNC factories or VMCs.
With investments in hardware, software and training, Hervey is reluctant to add another programming system.
But the retention of WorkNC soon disappeared.
\"Previously, when setting up a complex 3D job on a machine, it could run for 10 to 20 hours;
\"Operators will stand there to monitor operations,\" Mr Jarrell explained . \".
\"Now, he has not only prepared 3D machining programs for his own machine, but also all the programs for electrode grinding.
\"WorkNC also provides the most logical division of responsibility,\" Mr Collins added . \".
\"Engineers may be stronger in terms of design, flow factors, setting rates. . .
But they don\'t have many hands.
Experience in machining
WorkNC gives the responsibility for machining parts to the person who knows the most about machining and correct tool selection --theoperator.
This is an ideal arrangement.
Mr. Hervey pointed out the operation that benefited the most from the control of creative evolution: \"Previously, for a mold with 4 [inches]-
I usually quote 110 hours of machining, 70 hours of manual processing and 50 hours of positioning.
With faster innovation and evolution control, I can produce the same mold with 70 hours of processing, 40 hours of manual and 20 hours of positioning
Save 100 hours.
\"But the benefits of innovating to develop CNC are not performance and economics,\" he added . \".
\"Machine tool control technology is developing rapidly, and it was out of date a few years ago.
Like two of us-year-
The old VMCs are very good mechanically, but their object of control is the dinosaur.
Nothing can be done to make these original controls run faster.
\"The innovative development CNC can also be upgraded to incorporate the latest improvements.
Unlike proprietary controls on our other two VMCs, the company is able to upgrade controls accordingly as CTC develops improved versions of creative evolutionary controls.
\"Although the control is good, adding programming software will make the situation better,\" Mr Hervey stressed . \".
\"With WorkNCsoftware, he might use about 30 hours to prepare the program, rather than the operator standing only in the 70 hours or so of processing time required for the average mold.
So, in addition to the 100 hours saved initially with controls, we also received a 30-hour programming reward.
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