Guide to the basic equipment needed for the broken bridge aluminum door and window production line

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-29
With the vigorous development of the door and window industry, many bosses who are optimistic about the prospects of the broken bridge aluminum door and window industry intend to develop in the processing of doors and windows. As door and window products gradually move to higher grades, the past era of processing doors and windows with a small cutting machine and a few small electric drills has faded away. To produce high-performance doors and windows products, high-performance broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment is indispensable. We need to understand which equipment constitutes a complete door and window production line. 1. Double-head cutting saw Double-head cutting saw for cutting aluminum alloy profiles. The accuracy of the saw directly affects the quality of doors and windows. There are many varieties of double-head cutting saws on the equipment market. There are manual, digital, and CNC. Specially cut 45 degrees, some can cut 45 degrees, and some can cut 90 degrees. Prices range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. This depends on the product positioning and investment budget to determine which level of product to buy. We recommend that the higher the budget, the better. 2. The duplicate router is used for milling keyholes, drain holes, handle holes, and hardware holes, which are needed. 3. End milling machine The end milling machine mainly grinds the end faces of doors and windows. According to the door and window models to be produced, different equipment models are selected to produce building doors and windows, broken bridge doors and windows, broken bridge screens and aluminum wood doors and windows. Depending on the type of equipment, some can only mill one material at a time, and some can mill multiple materials at the same time. 4. The curling machine is mainly used for the production of building doors and windows. Suitable for all kinds of heat insulation profiles and super large aluminum alloy doors and windows. It is safe and fast. However, high-grade home improvement doors and windows basically use movable corner materials, so they must be matched according to production needs. 5. The punch is mainly used for punching various profiles of doors and windows. Such as: key hole, fixed hole of movable angle, etc. There are manual, pneumatic, electric and other forms. 6. The corner connector cutting saw is suitable for edge material cutting in the door and window curtain wall industry, industrial profile cutting, stand-alone or automatic continuous operation. This equipment is mainly used for cutting leftover materials of building doors and windows. Therefore, it is an optional device. 7. Air compressors As many door and window equipment are pneumatically designed, air compressors are also indispensable tools. The above is the equipment for the production of doors and windows. In fact, a formal door and window manufacturer will use many small supporting equipment in the production process of doors and windows, such as small partition bending machines, partition special cutting machines, and heat shrinkable film machines for product packaging. 136
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