Function introduction of single-head aluminum cutting machine in door and window equipment

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-02
Among the door and window equipment, the single-head aluminum cutting machine is relatively more equipment used by small companies. It has a certain cutting ability, but the efficiency is not as high as the double-head cutting machine. In this article, the machine brings you the function introduction of the single-head aluminum cutting machine in the door and window equipment, hope it will be helpful to you (the product information on this page is for reference only, please move to the specific parameters of the mechanical equipment: broken bridge aluminum doors and windows Cutting saw equipment). Suitable for cutting equipment for PVC and aluminum profiles. Its functions generally include: cutting range 0°-180°15°, 22,5°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° fixed stop, no need to set the angle You can start cutting, and the remaining positions can be set using the scale as a reference. A lock is added to the sliding plate to fix the middle degree. The special sliding plate design prevents the sawdust from gathering inside. The diameter of the diamond saw blade is 600 mm. For safety reasons, the power supply is cut off when the protective cover is opened. Adjustable cutting speed with vertical pneumatic clamping kit The standard configuration of this machine is a complete bearing and measuring conveyor (each with a length of 3 meters). Additional options include: hydro-pneumatic and cooling systems for cutting aluminum profiles. Machinery At present, there are only 12 cutting saw mechanical equipment for the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment. If you have a demand for cutting equipment for aluminum alloy profiles, you can contact to provide you with diversified products. 171
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