fully automatic pipe coiling and palletising.

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-05-12
Pipe coil technology is currently commissioning a fully automated pipe packaging and stacking plant.
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The speed roll system reaches more than 200 m/min and is able to automatically add stretch film, PP tape or tape to the safety label or wire shaft of the pipe, the obvious next step is to provide automatic label tray and pallet packaging. Developed in-
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Shaft robot platform, an unmanned system is capable of producing coils and packaging tubes through three extrusion lines running 24/7 kilometers.
The process is aimed primarily at the pipeline and utility pipeline markets, providing higher quality finished products, seamless product replacement and minimum inventory levels.
Drum stocks hold up to 100 km per kilogram, accounting for the third of the finished coil space, with an average of 1-
Output hundreds of reel machines per hour to complete sales orders on demand.
QA samples can be sampled on the extrusion line, or they can be automatically collated on the reel machine.
Automatic printing can be included, providing the ability to add incremental length markers or customer logos without repeating inventory.
For pipes up to 75 mm in diameter, this is a lean manufacturing process. [
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The development of the irrigation pipeline market continues, at this pointof-
The sales label can be automatically fixed at the coilingstage, while the wire wrap can be formed from 180mm ID.
Pipe CoilTechnology is also continuing to develop larger-size pipe coiling, which will minimize butt welding procedures and provide HDPE of 315mm OD in length of 750 m. www. pipecoil. co.
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