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How much is a complete set of broken aluminum doors and windows machinery?

We specialize in producing all kinds of broken bridge aluminum door and window machines, which have basic configuration types, such as 06 double-head saw, angle machine and face milling. It can meet many small-scale production needs, because this The solution is not equipped with other equipment, so a certain amount of manual processing tools are required.

Then there is the standard configuration type, double-head saw, angle machine, face milling, punching machine, which is a complete set of configuration schemes, and the equipment required for each process greatly improves the processing efficiency and processing precision. This is completely sufficient for small door and window factories.

Broken bridge aluminum machine mid-range configuration type, precision saw, angle machine, medium-sized combination face milling machine, 450 automatic corner saw, punch, this processing efficiency is very high, precision saw can meet the demanding requirements of cutting 45 °, 450 full The automatic corner saw eliminates both hands and saves labor. The medium-sized combined end mill increases the efficiency of the atrium and removes the trouble of configuring the cutter.

Of course, there are also high-end and CNC configuration series solutions, which are not described here. If you need to contact us directly, we will answer your questions in detail.

Check the door and window equipment. When purchasing door and window equipment, you need to check the machine itself, including checking the machine-related specifications and parameters, and whether the machine can operate normally. Whether the work of each part of the machine is in place, and whether the connections are tight. The warranty period for door and window equipment is also a matter to be aware of. Door and window equipment is generally based on electric power, so when the price of the wire is purchased, can it meet the usual use requirements, and the safety measures of the circuit are not made in place, such as aluminum double-head cutting saw, aluminum profile end milling machine and Aluminum profile double-head copy milling machine is three common broken aluminum door and window equipment. When using these kinds of broken aluminum door and window equipment, pay attention to the following matters: 1. Broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment: aluminum double-head cutting saw 1. Keep the angle error of the two heads opposite, so that the error can be compensated when the group angle is used. 2. Select a reasonable profile plane as the positioning reference to improve the cutting angle accuracy. 3. Use special positioning plate to reduce accidental error. The same batch of profiles of the same length can be adjusted at a time to reduce the positioning system error. 5. The length of the middle jaw is taken off to improve the connection strength of the window. 6. Keep the worktable clean and reduce the accidental error of the cutting angle. Feed speed, improve the quality of the processing surface. The speed is too fast to damage the saw blade, too slow, may cause built-up edge, affecting the quality of the cutting surface. 8. Repair the saw blade in time to reduce cutting burrs and noise. 9. Use the material support frame to reduce the angle error. 2. Broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment: aluminum profile end milling machine 1. The profile positioning compression should be reliable, and the end face milling machine with bidirectional compression increases the processing reliability and avoids the profile. The risk of overturning. 2. The milling amount should be reasonable. For the traditional end face, the tool used is a forming cutter with a large cutting force. Therefore, the cutting amount should be considered during machining. 3. When machining with a combined end mill, processing The tool is installed on a set of adjustable mechanism. 3. Broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment: aluminum profile double-head copy milling machine 1. Correct use of two-way compression. 2. Tool feed direction should be correct. 3. Profile plate and positioning rod Use together to increase production efficiency.

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