farmer is jailed for four-and-a-half years after volunteer, 20, was killed when her hair was caught in world war two-era machinery in accident which could have been prevented by £75 safety device

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A farmer was imprisoned for a young woman who died in a tragedy on his land, and if he spent £ 75 on a simple health and safety device, the tragedy would have been OK
45-year-old Neil Carpenter was sentenced to four and a half years in prison after overseeing the \"application\" safety standards at Springfield Farm in Devon.
20-year-old Lauren Scott was killed in a \"dangerous\" 1940 incident when she was caught in her hair.
Era 540 rpm power removes the shaft at the rear of the tractor.
Miss Scott suffered a disastrous injury, and the power of the machine trapped inside stripped off her clothes, which tore off her clothes and a Welsh.
The plastic sleeve that should cover the spinning shaft is recessed and exposed to the shaft
The court said the cost of the replacement was only 75.
The jury was told that the milling machine it was driving was also \"outdated and dangerous \".
Carpenter, of dovish, Devon, said Lauren started the shaft and tractor without his permission and that he was working in the stable.
He claimed she was \"naked\" because \"the force tore off her clothes and kept them around \". He said that he did not ask or tell Lauren to use the mill because of the bruises on the grain
But when police checked Lauren\'s phone, they found the key footage showing that Carpenter might be sitting on a tractor running the mill shortly before she died.
In his trial by the royal court of Exeter, prosecutors said it was evidence of Carpenter\'s use of the mill on the same day and was criminally responsible for her death.
On Monday, the jury convicted him of manslaughter and returned to court on Tuesday.
Judge James dinmans said there was \"a clear risk of trapping and death\" in the shaft \".
He said that Carpenter had \"panicked\" and told the emergency services the false version of the incident he insisted on at the trial.
Carpenter said, I am sure that Carpenter will not recognize his role in the event because of panic.
\"He is happy to use old machines to farm, which creates a risk of death that can be completely avoided.
But he did not deal with the risk.
None of the words I can\'t pass will reflect the loss suffered by Lauren Scott\'s family and will not continue to suffer.
He paid tribute to the \"quiet dignity\" of the Lauren family and hoped that the trial would remind everyone of the dangers of inadequate farm safety.
Lauren, who lives in Kent, Devon, died in March 4, 2017 from multiple injuries.
She is described as a clever and sensible young woman who loves animals.
She works at the pet corner of Powderham Castle and has been a horse catcher for five years at Newton Abbott Racecourse.
Lauren often leaves home to help Carpenter deal with his pigs, cows and chickens.
She died when she was caught by her hair and clothes.
The impact is \"instantaneous and catastrophic \".
The plastic sleeve that should cover the shaft is broken and the knuckles of the shaft are exposed.
The question in the trial was whether Lauren used the shaft to connect the tractor to the milling machine with the knowledge of the Carpenter.
When Lauren died, the defendant was on the farm alone.
He told the police that he heard a loud noise and found Lauren on the ground.
The large metal milling machine is right next to it.
He hit 999 at 1.
Air ambulances, police and fire engines arrived soon at seventeen o\'clock P. M.
Lauren died of multiple injuries at the scene.
Carpenter said he had no idea Lauren was using a milling machine.
He didn\'t even think it was working at the time.
But just before Lauren died, a small amount of barley was hit by a cow.
When police checked her phone, they found a video of Lauren shooting 28 minutes before her death showing Carpenter using a tractor in the background.
He told the jury that he still did not have the memory of the Angel using the tractor and could not explain the sound of engine noise in the video or in the background.
The judge said Carpenter must have operated the milling machine and shaft that day and asked Lauren to help him.
When a health and safety officer visited Springfield farm, he found the standard \"pathetic\" and issued a notice of prohibition on 11 machinery.
The Carpenter bought 10-
The acre plot was in 2001, but it was hard to get it to work financially.
Prosecutor David Sapiecha says the cost of Carpenter
Cuts and investment failures in the simplest security measures are the culprit.
Instead of trying to kill Lauren, Carpenter didn\'t make sure Lauren was safe.
The judge disagreed with his motives for saving money.
Carpenter acknowledged that there were two violations of the Work Health and Safety Act 1974 due to failure to protect Lauren from risks.
He said to the trial, \"I made a mistake.
I am now fully aware of these mistakes.
I\'m really sorry for these mistakes.
They really let me down.
Ben Compton QC of Mitigating said that Carpenter\'s business is done with care, not with the head.
\"We can\'t imagine what he went through in that scene . \"
He is a man of good character and has done a lot of work for charity.
Mr. Compton said there was no winner in a case like this.
He was broken by this experience.
He spent a long time in a dark place.
Lauren\'s family said Lauren\'s death was the result of \"being careless about the simplest security measures.
After the verdict, Lauren\'s brother Ben Scott said her death could be avoided if Carpenter bought a new shaft plastic sleeve for £ 75.
Mr Scott said in his statement that workers and volunteers like Lauren, \"should not expect the highest respect for your welfare \".
He added that Carpenter\'s actions deprived a family of loving daughters and sisters who should lead a \"long and prosperous life \".
Mom Scott
In a statement read out in court by Hooper said: \"Lauren, although you can\'t share the future with your family, your spirit and memory are with us every day and will always be more
\"Our lives will never be the same.
Part of me died when Lauren died.
\"As her mother, I am honored in the past and in the future.
In grief, I mourn the precious loss of my beautiful, amazing and intelligent Lauren.
Detective Steve Davis of the main crime investigation team said Carpenter tried to evade responsibility by lying to the police because of what he was doing when Lauren was killed.
In the end, he distance himself from any responsibility for Lauren\'s death.
In a statement after the verdict, he added: \"Neil Carpenter runs his farm with complete disrespect for safety and ultimately takes the life of Lauren Scott.
His basic attitude towards health and safety shows that he blatantly ignores regulations that protect individuals working on the farm from harm and death.
Police suspect he has been using the mill and ask Lauren to help him.
My team conducted a thorough and detailed investigation and the key evidence was the video on Lauren\'s phone.
Ann Hampshire, the Crown prosecutor\'s office, said Lauren was a volunteer on the farm.
\"She was not paid but was happy from the animals and was happy to help.
Neil Carpenter has the responsibility to ensure the safety of the environment and equipment she is exposed.
His mistakes in this regard were serious enough to constitute a crime.
The prosecution argued that Mr. Carpenter did not truthfully state the frequency of use of the plant, the order of work and the series of events that occurred on the day.
Hse inspector Simon Jones said: \"The center of this trial is a serious lack of protection for power outages (PTO)shaft\'.
It has been more than 60 years since the law was introduced, which requires the protection of PTOs.
The protective standards on the PTO are easy to understand and have not changed in these 60 years.
\"It\'s incredible that farmers like Neil Carpenter don\'t know what these standards are, and what terrible consequences would be if someone was caught up by the PTO on his farm.
He said that the protection of this PTO is terrible.
Lauren Scott would not be in trouble if properly protected;
The cost of such a guard is only £ 75.
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