farm worker, 20, killed when she was dragged into machinery by her clothes and hair \'could have been saved by a £75 plastic sleeve\'

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-27
An animal-loving woman was killed in a terrible incident when her hair and clothes were stuck by a power shaft attached to an old poorly maintained milling machine, and the jury was today
Lauren Scott suffered catastrophic damage, the power of the machine she was trapped inside stripped of her clothes, and it tore off her clothes and a Welsh.
Farm volunteers
Died at 20
The court heard that if there was a £ 75 plastic sleeve on the shaft of the machine, it might still be alive today.
The farmers she worked for allegedly lied to investigators, who were exposed in a video taken minutes before Lauren was killed.
Neil Carpenter, a 45-year-old farmer, denied manslaughter but admitted two health and safety charges --
One is related to Lauren and the other is related to other security violations, involving two other female assistants from previous times.
Prosecutor David Sapiecha outlined the case at the Royal Court of Exeter and told the jury: \"The case is about the death of Lauren Scott at a small farm near Dolesh
Carpenter did not fulfill his duty of care, he said. year-
The case of old Lauren and the royal family is that these failures are so serious that he is guilty of manslaughter for serious negligence.
The court was told that Mr. Carpenter called 999 on March 4, 2017, after Lauren suffered \"catastrophic entanglement\" in a power outage and suffered multiple injuries (PTO)
Attach the tractor to the shaft on the old milling machine used to crush barley and corn as animal feed with a roller.
Prosecutors say the milling machine was an old machine designed before World War II, but adapted to the installation of the PTO as a power source.
The jury heard that PTOs \"are used a lot because they are not power outlets in an area \".
Mr. Sapiecha said: \"Lauren is a regular on the farm and helps with the work there, but she is not paid.
She likes animals, especially pigs she likes to take care.
Lauren is 5 feet 2 tall and has long hair, he said.
She wore a headband and her hair was loose.
\"Her hair and clothes were stuck in the PTO shaft at some point.
The impact is instantaneous and disastrous.
The energy and speed produced are very dangerous.
\"It\'s not possible for her to flinch or react because she moves too fast and too powerful.
Mr Sapiecha said that PTO does have a yellow plastic cover, but it is not well maintained, the end of the shaft is exposed and the cover is partially broken.
He said that a glance at the cover will reveal its obvious flaws.
The jury heard that Carpenter\'s failure to care was a criminal case, saying Lauren should not face \"a greater risk of someone paying there\" because of voluntariness \".
The court heard Carpenter, a civil executive officer who parked his car in Drish, Devon, where he lived, and he was 10-
Small acre farm in the suburbs of seaside resort.
He runs with his family, who have sheep, pigs, cattle, chickens and ducks, a commercial business, although Carpenter says they only made money once in 2002.
Mr. Sapiecha said that this may be the reason why the Carpenter failed to invest and provide the right equipment.
After the incident, a health and safety investigator banned him from using 11 different devices on small brackets, mainly related to PTO power supplies.
He told the jury that Lauren was part of a close family and that she liked animals.
She works at the pet corner of Powderham Castle, at the stable, the horse catcher at Newton Abbott Racecourse, and she raises three horses and rabbits, chickens and one of the five dogs at home.
He said: \"She is smart and sensible. Her father taught her to be careful on mechanical equipment.
He said that Mr. Carpenter had a four-year course at the Picton school of agriculture where PTO safety could be taught.
Mr. Sapiecha said Lauren took a 7 second long video with her mobile phone and recorded some of the little pigs she was taking care --
In the background, Carpenter seems to be in the cab of an old tractor he opened.
But officials say he lied to the police that Lauren was not in the tractor\'s cab when he was killed and was sleeping the pig.
\"He said Lauren was gone and he didn\'t know where it was.
When he came out of there he heard a loud noise and he could see the smoke.
The engine was running, which surprised him.
He climbed up the cab and turned off the PTO and the ignition.
He walked to the back of the milling machine next to him and saw Lauren on her back.
Apart from the bra, she is naked, and it is the power she has to tear off her clothes and store them around her.
He said he did not ask or tell Lauren to use the mill because it was broken and would not hurt the grain.
Prosecutors say this is a lie.
He knew Lauren was using the mill.
His tractor is running.
He said Lauren\'s Piggy Video \"accidentally\" caught the sound of the old tractor starting, someone in the tractor cab --
Only Lauren and Carpenter are at the small farm, and Lauren is filming the video.
He said he was not telling the truth.
Lauren or both of them are ready to use the system.
The milling machine is in danger, he added.
\"He is arrogant about safety.
He illegally killed Lauren Scott for gross negligence.
We did not say that he intended to kill her, but that he was a man who managed the farm and was responsible for her safety.
He broke this in many ways.
Lauren\'s mother sat in a public gallery and cried when she heard Mr. Sapiecha say Lauren was \"a trusted person, a close friend of the accused.
The trial continues.
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