farm death accused \'started fatal machine\'

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-24
The jury has seen footage taken by a farm volunteer minutes before he was trapped by a machine.
On March 4, 2017, 20-year-old Lauren Scott suffered a fatal injury to the milling machine rotation axis at a farm near dovish, Devon.
Earlier that day, animal lovers used her cell phone to photograph the pig she was looking after.
Some footage shows the owner of the land, Neil Carpenter, denying manslaughter.
Earlier in the trial, Mr. Carpenter, 45, told the royal court of Exeter that he did not know that Miss Scott planned to use the milling machine.
She died when her hair and clothes were \"disastrous\" in it.
Jurors saw a series of footage from Lauren on the day of her death, including some footage taken shortly before Mr. Carpenter called 999 at 13: 17 GMT.
Miss Scott sent one of the clips to her sister to explain why she couldn\'t be on the beach with her.
Prosecutor DevonDavid Sapiecha said that a segment was particularly important because it showed that Mr. Carpenter was working near Lauren at the time of the accident. The 13-
The second clip, shot at 12.
49. display the pig with pen and 6.
The tractor used to power the milling machine can be heard in the background to start for 9 seconds.
Mr Sapiecha had previously told the jurors that Mr Carpenter claimed that he had not told Miss Scott and that she was using the milling machine.
The court heard Mr Carpenter telling the police that he thought Miss Scott had only come to the farm to feed and clean up the pigs.
He said that when he heard a bang, he was loading straw into the trailer and then noticed the milling machine next to him.
The trial continues.
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