fabricating dreams in 3d: fablab luzern.

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-04-10
Just a few short train stations from Lucerne, located in the attic space of the Hochschule Luzern campus, is the local Fablab.
This is one of several laboratories in Switzerland. The FabLab (abbrev.
For \"manufacturing Lab \")
It is a concept developed by MIT at MIT.
And live in Hova in Lucerne.
The current concept is to allow anyone to use specialized equipment to turn ideas into reality.
Existing tools include 3d printers, laser cutting machines, large milling machines and a variety of small tools.
All of these machines can be \"rented\" to do the project for you.
Fablab is also a place where people can share ideas.
This is a community of students and amateurs, where people help each other.
Kristoff Reinhart, lab manager on duty, showed us around the lab and gave us some more information about the machine.
The most commonly used machine is actually a laser cutting machine.
When you create something for the cutter, you just have to think about two-
Size picture.
This can be done easily using the software provided by the lab.
On the other hand, 3d printers need more skills to make their own 3d objects.
But don\'t be afraid there are a lot of templates that can be used to print something.
The lab also serves as a training center for learning specific topics.
There is a course where you can order your own 3D printer and build it yourself for a few days in the lab and take it home.
The 3D printer can also produce its own replacement parts, so it becomes very simple once you have this machine in your homesufficient.
Before the egg concept comes along, it keeps your head turning.
It really shows you how advanced the technology is.
There is another course where you can make your own speaker headphones.
Christoph also demonstrated the laser cutting machine.
The machine is very big and impressive.
However, we get the dreaded \"demo effect\" before we actually see the machine working \". (
It fails when the device needs to be presented to someone, and it works fine when only you are using it)
After a few minutes of configuring the software, however, the machine began cutting the shape into some thick cardboard.
These different machines really allow you to use many different types of materials, from Wood to cardboard to plastic.
To use these machines, you need to bring your own materials in addition to the 3D printer.
There, they provide raw materials for making items.
Ideas and dreams made in 2D and 3D FabLab Luzern\'s goal is to get people out there into college so that everyone can use the technology.
The idea is \"open source \".
The lab should not be used for \"top secret\" private projects because the lab is an open space.
After spending some time in the lab, you really feel like you want to do something.
You may not know what you want to build, but the atmosphere and possibilities of the various devices are endless.
Most of the machines in the lab are not easily available to everyone.
In fact, all these manufacturing machines are in one place, which allows individuals to stop fantasizing about their ideas and really start creating their ideas.
This is a place definitely worth another visit.
Lucerne Luzern Hochschule FabLab Technikumstrasse 21 CH-6048 Horw Tel.
0041 41 349 39 30 manager FabLab: Martina Smoljo und Kristoff Reinhart: labmanager @ Lucerne. fablab.
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