entrepreneur behind fight for sharing 3d printed gun blueprints on why he\'s advocating for \'the people\'s right to keep and bear arms\'

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Cody Wilson is called \"one of the most dangerous people on the Internet.
\"Over the years, Wilson fought to make sure that anyone should be able to download the gun of the file with a button click at home for a month-
Automatic milling machine for printer or computer.
\"I have already demonstrated it. . .
Especially in recent weeks. that]
Wilson told ABC News that the idea of gun control in the Internet age is not operational.
Last week, a federal judge temporarily stopped him from putting his gun blueprint online. -
The latest chapter in ongoing fighting with the federal government, 19 states, the Colombian district and gun control advocates.
\"If Cody Wilson is not blocked, then we will find that the Internet is planned to be in a universe 3-
3D printing any type of weapon, someone wants, a printer that makes that incredibly simple person do it for only a few hours in the garage or in their living room, \"Eli Gardiner co-operates
The president of the Brady movement told the night line.
Wilson invited the \"Night line\" to Austin, Texas, home of his company\'s defense distribution. The 30-year-
The old man said he wanted to be a lawyer.
\"I have a better idea,\" Wilson said . \"
His idea is, \"Can you make WikiLeaks for guns?
In 2012, he and his friends were the first 3-
They call it the plastic gun of the Liberator.
\"They shared the blueprint file on the Internet and Wilson said it was downloaded more than 100,000 times in the first week.
That\'s when the federal government jumped out.
The State Department believes that by posting a blueprint, Wilson is basically the same as exporting weapons abroad.
Wilson removed the blueprints and filed a lawsuit with the State Department in 2015, calling the digital gun blueprint a form of freedom of speech.
Wilson said that this is both a question of the First Amendment and a question of the Second Amendment.
\"There are both, but the way that the argument in court for many years is the requirement of the First Amendment,\" Wilson said . \".
Andy Greenberg, a veteran author of Wired, has been covering Wilson and the digital DIY gun debate since 2012.
\"If the gun is a piece of data, can you share it and call it freedom of speech?
Greenberg told the night line that this is an argument that defense allocation has been making for the past three years.
\"All the headlines are always about 3-D printed guns.
But for distributed defense
D. Printing is almost like a stand
\"For the idea of any kind of digital tool, just download and click and you can create a gun component in your home,\" Greenberg said . \".
This summer, the Trump administration unexpectedly reached a settlement with Wilson and the Department of Defense to allow him to publish a gun blueprint online.
He began issuing documents on July 27, but last week, when the judge issued an interim injunction, he was again forced to delete them.
Wilson said his goal was not to make weapons, but to make tools for people to make them.
\"Publishing guns on the Internet, I know the attorney general is going to sue, it\'s good, there\'s nothing better than that,\" Wilson said . \".
At his company\'s Texas headquarters, Wilson showed how his company went beyond 3D printing plastic guns to make metal guns using computers --
Automatic milling machine.
Wilson developed a computer.
The automatic milling machine, small enough to sit on the table, costs only $2,000.
It cuts metal parts into the main parts of different guns, such as AR-15 and glock.
\"It will take you a few hours and you don\'t need constant mediation,\" Wilson explained . \"15.
Completely legal.
Instead of publishing the computer data needed to operate the milling machine, Wilson shipped it to his client, like a plastic version that sometimes failed, experts say, the metal version may be similar to what you bought at the gun store.
The milling machine is \"the most practical homemade gun technology at the moment,\" Greenberg said, circumventing all gun control laws than 3-D printing.
Weapons like this are called \"ghost guns\" because they don\'t have serial numbers and can be assembled at home and are almost impossible to track.
\"The term ghost gun refers to a sudden gun,\" Gardiner said . \".
\"We don\'t have any registers about who bought them and how they were sold.
\"But homemade guns are not new and are completely legal in many cases.
But critics say Wilson\'s machines can make it easier for these guns to fall into the hands of people who are not allowed to own them by law, such as criminals or mental patients.
\"In the past few years, we have seen Ghost Guns in shootings across the United States,\" Gardiner said . \".
Leticia Franco still remembers that five years ago, a gunman shot in Santa Monica, killing four or five people, including Franco\'s father and sister.
\"You feel very sad, just like a part of you has been taken away,\" Franco told the night line . \".
The gunman used a ghost gun.
A survey showed that he had a history of mental health problems and had tried to buy a gun before, but was denied.
The Gunners order the parts online and then assemble them themselves into a gun.
The incident had nothing to do with Wilson, but Franco said she was afraid of what Wilson was doing.
\"It is wrong to provide this information.
\"He is also morally responsible for how other people handle this information,\" Franco said . \".
\"You provided these people with information that could lead to another tragedy.
Wilson said he realized the potential danger of getting a ghost gun more easily.
\"It\'s not just playing games on your keyboard, right, on the Internet?
\"I arrested customers in other states because they had guns when they shouldn\'t have them,\" Wilson said . \". “But, again, [I’m advocating]
These are the necessary consequences of ensuring the people\'s right to own and carry weapons.
Wilson continued, \"I reserve the right to change my mind, right ? \"
Maybe somehow it will affect me deeply and I will choose to stop the operation. . . I don’t know.
I am a complete person.
At the moment, Wilson has been waiting for the court to allow him to upload these gun blueprints, although other websites have published the exact documents distributed by Defense, according to Greenberg, these files are hosted on their own website.
\"The government basically failed, and although they tried this legal approach, they did not review the information.
\"It\'s going out,\" Greenberg explains . \".
Meanwhile, Wilson continues to do business and ship out those milling machines, which he says have sold thousands so far this year.
Despite the previous legal dispute, Wilson said he refused to give in.
\"Guns are power. This is the essence of this project . . . . . . I actually gave people the means to create power for themselves, and I would be happy to do so.
\"This is true to me,\" he said . \".
\"People can abuse it, but its power is the same.
This is a dialogue beyond good and evil.
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