Encyclopedia of broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment: double-head miter saw for digital display aluminum cutting machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-04
The double-headed miter saw of the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment encyclopedia digital display aluminum cutting machine, through the numerical control digital display method to cut aluminum profiles, making it easier for processing personnel to operate the equipment, and the cutting effect is improved. . The parameters provided in this article do not represent the product parameters of the equipment, and are only for your reference for getting started with the machine. If you have a demand for this product, you can move to: Aluminum profile digital display double-head precision cutting saw LJZ2-CNS-600/550 /500×4200. The double-head miter saw of the digital display aluminum cutting machine is used to cut aluminum windows, doors, curtain walls and industrial profiles. Use high-quality carbide saw blades with an outer diameter of 20'. The saw blade can be tilted at 90° and 45°. Each machine head has horizontal and vertical material pneumatic clamping cylinder device. Equipped with a digital display, which can show the distance between two saw blades. It can be cut simultaneously or separately. Equipment parameter information 1 Sawing length 430~4500 mm 2 Sawing (width × height) 230×150 mm/250×135 mm 3 Main motor power 2.2 kW×24 Main motor speed 2840r/min 5 Saw blade size Φ500×Φ30×120T6 Saw blade inclination angle of 90° and 45°7 Saw blade feed speed 0~3m/min 8 Saw blade retracting speed 2~3m/min 9 Working air pressure 0.6~0.8 MPa 10 Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 5750x1100x1650 Mm 11 voltage 380V12 weight 1500 kg 13 air consumption 250L/min 440
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