Encyclopedia of Broken Bridge Aluminum Door and Window Equipment: Broken Bridge Aluminum End Milling Machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-05
Broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment encyclopedia Broken bridge aluminum end milling machine, finer and more intelligent, the parameters provided in this article do not represent the product parameters of the equipment, only for your reference for getting started with the machine, if you have a demand for this product, You can move to a series of milling machines such as aluminum profile end milling machine (five cutters) LJDXB-250×5 and aluminum profile end milling machine LJDX-200. The equipment introduction adopts tailor-made 3kw spindle motor, and the frequency conversion speed regulation system rotates at 2800-5600rpm. The feeding is controlled by the service system. The workbench is equipped with PLC+ touch screen. The angle and size digital readout device (Italian instrument display). The arc-shaped guide rail explores the contour milling, and the finishing size is very large and the precision is high. The milling machine is especially suitable for the contour modeling of the arc-shaped slot of the aluminum alloy curtain wall and the processing of the ordinary slot. The arc-shaped slot is processed by a tailor-made spiral milling cutter. Adjusting the angle of the positioning plate can mill angled grooves. The milling speed of this milling machine can be adjusted with a frequency conversion motor according to different milling thicknesses, so as to achieve a better milling effect. Equipment parameters Main technical parameters: 1. Worktable size (length * width): 700*350mm2. Worktable up and down adjustment height: 200mm 3. Worktable adjustable angle: (-15°~90°~+15°) 4. Blade Maximum size (screwdriver): Φ180*Φ32*105*12T5. Machinable section material end surface (width * height): 350*300mm 6. Working section material depth: 75mm 7. Motor shaft extension: 130mm 8. Motor rotation speed: 2800~ 5600r/min9. Motor power: 3kw10. Time required for each stroke of milling material: 60s11. Operating air pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa414
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