Encyclopedia of broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment: aluminum window end milling machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-05
The introduction of the aluminum window end milling machine of the broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment encyclopedia, this equipment has the advantages that other milling machines do not have, the new model, high strength, good rigidity, higher efficiency than ordinary equipment, and multiple motors, flexible start And application, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, even large-scale door and window processing enterprises. The parameters provided in this article do not represent the product parameters of the equipment, and are only for your reference for getting started with the machine. If you have a demand for this product, you can move to: Aluminum profile super-efficiency end milling machine (middle end milling) LJDX-220. Aluminum window end face milling machine 1. Adopting special structure of triangular cylindrical slide rail, new model, high strength and good rigidity. 2. Smooth movement, stepless speed regulation, no crawling, the knife moves back quickly, saving non-productive time. Easy to operate, accurate size adjustment, and milling accuracy ≤0.1mm. 3. Equipped with 4 milling cutters, suitable workpieces can be milled at one time. 4 milling cutters are installed at both ends of 3 main motors, adjustable in height, suitable for aluminum. 4. The worktable is large enough to mill 10-12 pieces of profile at a time, with high efficiency. In addition, if necessary, a cutting blade can be added. The 3 motors start independently, which can be selected according to the requirements of the workpiece. 5. It can mill 38-90 series aluminum profiles, heat insulation materials and curtain wall profiles. An automatic cold spray system can be used during milling. Equipment reference parameters Total motor power 2×2.2kw Motor speed 2800r/min Air source working pressure 0.6~0.8MPa Milling cutter diameter Ф200mm Worktable feed stroke 95mm Motor adjustment stroke 0~85mm Maximum tenon size 80×5mm Overall size 1700× 800×1300mm weight About 450kg 438
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aluminum cutter machine  End milling machine may be adapted for use at any cnc aluminum machining  and is suitable for profile bender machine.
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