elementary processes of a machine shop

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-16
The machine workshop is a workshop that uses huge and influential machine tools and equipment to cut, shape, drill and process metals, plastics, glass, wood and other similar materials.
How to create useful components (
Such as engine block)
From raw materials such as aluminum, iron and glass.
The procedures carried out in the machine workshop are several basic processes necessary for the operation of a developed society.
However, there are many specialized machine shop processes that are industry-specific, and there are some basic machine shop processes that are common and commonly used in most machine workshops.
Some of the main machining processes are: turning on a lathe with a rotating spindle to accommodate raw materials.
Cutting, forming and drilling materials using different tools when raw materials rotate;
For example, convert a simple plastic cylinder into a tapered table leg.
Grinding is one of the last but very important processes in material processing.
Grinding to restore the exterior of the processed material;
Smooth the rough edges to ensure the uniformity of the surface.
Drilling with a drilling machine in the machine workshop is with the do-it-
Do your own projects at home
When drilling at home, we move the drill bit to the material that we need to drill, but it is slightly different to drill in the machine workshop using a drilling machine, because the material to be drilled is placed in the vise, fixed under the drill bit that moves up and down.
According to the direction of the tool, the milling of solid materials requires a horizontal or vertical milling machine.
In the milling machine, the working material moves opposite to the rotating tool.
The basic processing procedures carried out in the mechanical workshop may seem normal and easy, but they have a huge impact on the progress of modern society.
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