drone maker sees business opportunity in keeping workers and warfighters safe

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Walking around the bush by brave wildlife biologist Michael KellerFor, the most common doom is not that animals hurt or attack microorganisms.
Statistically speaking, the aircraft they use entered remote areas.
In fact, a study found that,
In the 20 th century, thirty of the wildlife biologists killed at work achieved their goals through aviation accidents.
When Thomas Lambo took his master\'s degree at the University of Florida in Gainesville, the figure surprised him.
Unfortunately, it turns out to be a life.
From natural resource managers to power line maintenance personnel, all people who rely on aircraft to work are at risk.
Unlike most people who encounter this disturbing fact, aerospace engineer Rambo is able to do something about it.
Opportunity cottage 2010, when Rambo built a drone at the University\'s micro-aircraft lab, the United StatesS.
The Corps of Engineers called.
They want to know if they can use a drone.
Install cameras to dig deep into the Everglades and monitor invasive species.
They believe that such progress will save fuel and personnel costs while also keeping people safe from possible damage in dangerous places, such as the remote end of the marsh or remote heights
Voltage power cord.
So Lambo, in collaboration with aerospace engineer Thomas Reid and John Perry, is a graduate student in the field of geographic information that deals with the measurement and analysis of data on the surface of the Earth.
Within a year, they built a prototype of a drone.
It weighs about 17 pounds and weighs nine.
The foot wing can be cruising for 90 minutes at a speed of 30 miles per hour.
All the time, it can use one-lens reflex (SLR)
A camera or other instrument packed in your stomach.
\"Reid made the drones and I let them fly and John made the camera payload and software that collected the data,\" said Rambo . \".
\"We want to take people out of the sky when they don\'t need to be there.
We also saw business opportunities for drones in wildlife research and infrastructure inspections.
The three contacted the University of Florida Technical licensing office and signed up for the venture certificate program provided by the College of Engineering.
When other students worked out a business plan for a mock company, Lambo, Reed and Perry worked out a business plan for the upcoming commercial drone manufacturing business.
They named their company Altavia and launched it in 2011 to provide an improved version of their prototype, which they call Nova.
The three founders were still the only employees in their first year of work.
Their big breakthrough was in the second year.
\"The military leadership has heard what we have done to the Legion and hopefully we will start producing for them,\" Lambo said . \".
\"This is the owner of one of the world\'s largest fleet of unmanned aircraft.
\"Moving into the growth phase, customers are starting to show off the unique data sets they have developed with the help of Nova, which becomes altyvia\'s best marketing for new customers.
To expand their business, they began to hire employees.
New computer, electrical and mechanical engineers have also been added.
They hired pilots and mechanics.
The company now employs 43 employees and is looking for more.
They found their niche and offered commercial drones, now including fixed drones
Wing and eight-shot model.
Drones can generate very accurate data and integrate with medium-sized dronesand enterprise-
Scale business and government business.
According to the sensor of the customer\'s demand, each unit sells for $20,000 to $60,000.
With news that Amazon and other retailers will deliver products using commercial drones, the commercial drone market is growing.
Of course, it\'s just high-
Facing a part of a larger market, from infrastructure and crop inspections to emergency services and construction, the market will use drones.
Analysts expect more than 800,000 drones to be sold annually by 2021. Goldman Sachs expects the drone market to reach $100 billion by 2020.
In the northeast of the university town, a quiet street lined with oak drops of Spanish moss, altyvia is trying to grow the rapidly expanding pie.
Mr. Lambo said the company is generating tens of millions of dollars in sales of drones.
Behind two squats-
The floor building they work for is the center of manufacturing.
The gray cement floor of a large garage is packed with lathes, milling machines, manufacturing tables and vacuum cleaners, a device to shape the plastic by stretching the plastic to a prefabrication mold.
Here, employees assemble parts with materials such as Kefla, carbon fiber and fiberglass, and produce electronic products in adjacent rooms.
The space is barely large enough to serve a dozen customers in altyvia, so as the number of cards grows, the company will soon move to a newer, larger facility in town.
Big data was a big problem, and in the early days the company realized that its customers were often not interested in the original photos and videos of drones flying over.
Instead, they want advanced data products.
A business customer may need three.
Can simulate the size model of the construction site of the flood.
Another is interested in productivity analysis in the field of agriculture.
A government agency may ask for a thematic map highlighting the area where the water gourd was invaded to block the waterway.
Ryan MacNeille, data operations manager at Altavia, said: \"On a full battery, there is up to 15 gigabytes of raw data on the memory card that a drone flew back . \".
\"But these are just images and are not really useful for most customers.
Processing 12,000 original images for each flight can easily produce hundreds of gigabytes of images, MacNeille said.
This is just one flight in a project that usually takes a few days.
\"For us, transferring and processing data where we can\'t access the fast internet is a big problem,\" MacNeille said . \" It refers to rural farmers who do not have enough computers to handle and do not have connections other than mobile phones.
To solve this problem, Altavian has customized the product workflow for each customer.
Sometimes the team ships the hard drive for the customer to load and ship the drone data back.
Other times, it temporarily leases time and space at the processing center near the customer.
To transfer these massive data sets, altyvia has been looking for higher upload and download speeds.
Since its inception, Altavian has been working with Cox Business to create and manage networks, as well as connections to the wider internet that meets bandwidth needs.
Meeting a range of networking and technology challenges is essential to unlock the full potential of the brand
Emerging industries full of opportunities.
\"There is a lot of growth in the future, and there is more money that can be used to replace and help the traditional work of manned aviation,\" said Thomas Rambo . \".
\"When you can do this with a drone, why do you want someone to be hurt?
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