Door and window processing equipment manufacturers have complete machinery

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-20
Door and window aluminium processing machine manufacturers have complete machinery. The machinery provides you with our company’s latest broken bridge aluminum door and window equipment. The equipment not only has very good quality, but also has a favorable price. Relying on the experience of mechanical door and window equipment manufacturers, we can provide you with incidental Door and window solutions make you more competitive in the industry! The production and processing requirements of broken aluminum doors and windows; five types of machines such as movable angle saws, double-head saws, cross-section milling, high-speed punching machines, and single-axis milling machines are sufficient. If the project volume is large, the number of sets and the corresponding quantity can be increased. The mechanical equipment uses a voltage of 380 volts and is equipped with a high-pressure gas source. Common equipment recommended by door and window aluminium processing machine manufacturers include: 1. Aluminum alloy profile cutting machine Aluminum profile cutting machine is used to cut the size and angle of aluminum alloy profile. When cutting, the profile can be placed flat on the worktable. After determining the required length and angle, align the saw neatly to quickly cut out the profile. 2. Punch Punch is a aluminium processing machine that must be prepared for processing doors and windows. It is specially used for stamping profiles. The shape of this hole can be punched into rectangle, circle and square. However, punching is generally used when processing larger doors and windows, and small doors and windows can be replaced with other equipment. 3. Profile milling machine and fixed angle machine profile milling machine is mainly used for keyhole profile milling, with the characteristics of high precision and fast speed, while the angle steel assembly machine is mainly used for the angle steel assembly of aluminum alloy door and window profiles, which has beautiful angle steel assembly, The high precision feature is also suitable for making large doors and windows, while small doors and windows can be assembled by hand. What kind of equipment is needed in the door and window factory? The following editor will give you a brief recommendation of several commonly used equipment: 1. Profile cutting saw-aluminum profile double-angle digital display precision cutting saw. 2. End milling machine-aluminum profile super-effect combination end milling machine. 3. Punch-aluminum profile vertical rotary combined punch 4. Copy milling machine-high-speed copy milling aluminum curtain wall. 5. Angle-fixing machine-heavy-duty angle-fixing machine for aluminum doors and windows. 6. Angle code saw-angle code saw-aluminum angle code profile automatic cutting saw. The above is the equipment required for the production of doors and windows. In fact, a regular door and window manufacturer will also use a lot of small supporting equipment in the production process of doors and windows, such as: small grille strip bending machine, grille strip special cutting machine, and heat shrinkable film machine for product packaging. Wait a minute. 195
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