Door and window processing equipment: automatic double-head PVC and aluminum profile cutting machine multi-angle

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-22
The automatic double-head PVC and aluminum cutting machine of the door and window aluminium processing machine has multiple angles, which can cut at 45 degrees and 90 degrees. It has additional functions of numerical control display, which can improve the ease of operation of the machine. Multi-language support can be used. For repeated cutting, the product advantages and parameters provided in this article do not represent the product parameters of the equipment. They are only used as a basic knowledge for the machine. If you have a need for this product, you can move to: Aluminum profile CNC double-head high-precision cutting Saw (Italian sawing structure). General attributes input the cutting length size and angle through the LCD display on the control panel. 45° and 90° automatic head position, easy to adjust the middle angle memory size is 2299 steps, including the number of cutting, length and angle can be manually adjusted length size magnetic rule length control system PLC control system supports multi-language repeated cutting procedures, Angle cutting-variable and fixed length-fixed angle super long cutting program (over 4 meters). The diameter of the diamond saw blade is 450 mm, and the output of the disc is 148 mm, which can perform double contour cutting (74 mm × 2). Horizontal pneumatic clamping kit, adjustable cutting speed, single-head operation, industrial dust discharge, movable head conveyor belt, used for long-size cutting, intermediate profile support, mechanical and electrical safety measures have received special attention, power protection system to prevent voltage Overload can be added to choose the cooling system CO-cutting optimization for aluminum profile cutting. Data transfer module 547 from PC via Ethernet and label printer
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