Do you know how to install the corner machine?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-01
We are all familiar with the corner assembly machine. It is the production equipment for aluminum alloy doors and windows, which brings convenience to our lives. So, do you know how to install the corner assembly machine? Let's take a look at it! The angle forming machine uses the angle forming cylinder to push the angle forming slide, which moves forward, and simultaneously pushes the left and right riveting shafts. The angle forming knives on the punching shaft realize the 90-degree connection of aluminum doors and windows. The corner assembly machine should be installed on a flat and hard cement floor in a dry, dust-free, and non-corrosive gas room. After unpacking, move the corner assembly machine together with the packaging base to the installation location, remove the fastening screws of the corner assembly base, and use the moving tool to move the corner assembly machine to the installation position. The body of the angle forming machine should be grounded. When grounding, use yellow and green double-color stranded and copper wires, and input the power supply with a voltage of 380v and a frequency of 50HZ. Then install the power supply on the joint of the air source treatment triplet on the side of the fuselage, and adjust the air pressure to 0.5-0.8MPa after checking that there is no air leakage. Check the oil circuit, open the rear cover of the machine body, and keep the liquid level of the oil tank above the middle line of the oil mark to avoid the oil pump from sucking up. When refueling, use a 120 mesh filter to remove impurities in the new oil. After installation, loosen the overflow valve, press the hydraulic start button, and observe the rotation direction of the motor. Adjust the time relay on the control panel to a certain time, place the angled profile in front of the auxiliary locator, and the outer corner of the 45-degree seam is aligned with the top of the 90-degree angle in front of the locator. The main positioning block is designed as a live connection, so that the user can make various positioning blocks according to the profile. Place the corner code between the support and the antenna, and add a gasket on the inside of the corner code. The thickness of the gasket is equal to the wall thickness of the profile, and the knife is set directly according to the bevel edge of the groove on the outside of the corner code. The riveting depth is to punch the outer wall of the profile with the punch, and press this part of the material on the bottom of the corner groove, just against the hypotenuse of the groove. Adjust the stroke of the group corner knife, and the thickness of the profile wall should be taken into consideration during the work process. After the adjustment is completed, carry out the sample test flush. The above is the installation of the corner aluminium machine, I hope the above content can be helpful to everyone!
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