diy arduino cnc machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-28
In this Instructure, I show you how to make Arduino CNC machines at home.
The purpose of this project is to enable the computer CNC machine tool to help design the PCB without using the etching process, which makes the manufacturing process faster.
This problem or idea arises by observing and evaluating the real-time scene of the PCB design process using the etching process, which is tedious and time consumingconsuming.
To overcome this problem, the idea was born, which can improve the speed of the process in real time, thus shortening the development cycle.
Use a micro-controller for the same purpose.
The combination of Arduino platform and GRBL firmware helps to overcome this problem.
With the help of this CNC machine, we can design PCB and also perform different machining such as milling, drilling, drawing and engraving.
So we can say that it is not just a CNC machine, it is one of a multi-function CNC machine.
What do you need [
Electronic part
What do you need [
Mechanical part
: Software: stepping motor driver (DRV8825)
Instrument supplier from TexasSMPS (12V, 10Amps)
Stepping Motor Driver (DRV8825)
Connection diagram on general board (GPB).
I am using a software called DipTracce to create a sample track for the PCB.
With it, we can generate the GERBER file.
It\'s by G-
Code that contains information about our PCB layout trajectory.
There are those G-Gerber files.
The code is further loaded into the FLATCAM software.
By using this software, I am creating the NC file, which is necessary to create the path for the drill bit.
Then give the NC file to the general G-
Code sending software.
It\'s a GUI software that sends G -.
Arduino code.
Arduino has loaded the grbl HEX files required to explain these G-codes. Check my video. . . Job Done!
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