deep cavity in govt. dental care

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-04-04
Imagine that you are at the dentist, sitting on a wobbly stool, instead of sitting on a dental chair, without a mobile phone, tweezers, or basic kit that the dentist can access.
This is a bleak picture of hundreds of government hospitals in Karnataka.
Although the state government launched an ambitious \"Danta bagua\" program two years ago to provide free dentures for the elderly, it has done very little to meet the primary oral care needs of people in rural areas
While there are 370 dentists working in centers managed by the Health Department and the approved number is 424, most of them cannot use their skills effectively without a basic dental chair
Dental examination is a must.
This resulted in dentists having to send their patients away after they prescribed essential drugs.
The cost of the patients in the government center was negligible and ended up spending hundreds of rupees in a private clinic.
In fact, most of the 75 dentists recruited in January have not yet seen a patient.
According to a dentist, they will eventually see patients with a general illness.
Health department sources said that although the hospital has 235 dental chairs, more than one of them is rusted and needs to be repaired.
Annual maintenance contracts for lack of equipment will only add to the problem.
\"Most patients in rural areas have common dental problems that require tooth extraction, filling and scaling.
However, most centers do not extract pliers, filling instruments and other materials.
\"It is difficult to get regular material flows at the community health center and Taruk hospital because there is no separate budget allocation or dental problem monitoring facility,\" said a dentist ,\". He has worked in this department for 13 years.
Not all the labs.
All hospitals, including regional hospitals, do not have X-ray machines.
There are only three dental laboratory technicians in the state. run hospitals.
Although the department has proposed the establishment of a laboratory in a regional hospital, it is also included in 2015-
2016 in the budget, the proposal was put on hold due to lack of funds.
Recognize the state\'s dental infrastructure
The health commissioner, P. , said an upgrade was needed to operate the hospital. S.
Vastrad said the problem was with the community health center (CHCs)
And Taruk hospital.
\"In the past few years, the focus has been on primary and tertiary health care.
Preventive health care, especially dental health care, has not received the attention it deserves.
However, we have a dentist in each Taruk and Regional Hospital.
\"We will be purchasing more dental chairs soon and those that do not work will be repaired,\" the commissioner said . \".
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