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by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-03-09
This is an open hardware and open software CNC, facing soft materials such as cutting foam, plastic or wood.
For example, the shape of a surfboard.
In my case, I did it in a size of 3 m x 1 m and all the parts and source code were authorized in gplv3. Find the framework in my country.
If you buy something like shabeco or makerslide to go to the US, you have to pay a lot for customs clearance.
I made an open source big CNC (Soft materials)
Use other open projects that are available, such as Shapeoko and a large amount of RepRap project resources.
Basically, this is a huge shape made of steel pipes and OpenRail.
All the source code and files I made or modified from other projects can be found in my github repository:scad (OpenSCAD)and final .
Stl, and can be easily customized in various sizes.
You can download and adapt to the size of your own project.
Keep in mind that in this project, the printed parts are subject to some torque.
PLA is a fairly hard material, but you may be sure that the plastic layer is very good to stick with other materials.
I prefer to use more genetically modified materials such as \"nuclear green\" or \"natural\" PLA.
In my experience, this plastic is easier to melt than other opaque colors (
Black, white, gray, etc. . . ).
In the printer, I used 3 solid layers in the top, bottom and wall and at 40-
According to the piece 50% hexagon infil.
Please, your feedback on this part is very important to improve the resistance of my CNC project.
You need a CNC cutting service provider at this stage.
It may not be as expensive as you think, and the result is also very good.
I decided to cut the parts with 5mm steet, but I would like you to use other materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic depending on the size of the machine. . .
All the parts except the Y Board were designed by me in LibreCAD, this is the fork of my own Shapeoko 2 project.
Shapeoko usually uses the nema14 motor, but we are using 23 that meet the film standards.
I think you can use nema14 if you want to cut very soft material, which is cheaper motor and steering unit.
Like 3d printing parts, there are two better open source rail assemblies in my GIT repository two (in my opinion)
For such projects, there are MakerSlide and Open Rail.
I decided to use the open rail because in my case it can be mounted on any material.
Makerslide is enough for a 1 m continuous track, but I have nearly 3 m tracks on the y axis and need more resistance.
I bought a Type 23 car that meets Japanese standards in a famous Chinese store.
Be careful about taxes).
Belt reference is an open linear belt-T5 (10mm Width)
The pulley is the T5 timing pulley of the 10mm belt.
In my case, there is no hole in the pulley, but it is not difficult if you have a bench drill.
My CNC works like a RepRap 3D printer.
In the market, only very expensive CNC machines can be cut automatically through SD cards, but I think we can use all the software and hardware that RepRap offers.
I chose a GEN3 sanguinolu electronics from RepRap and autonomous screen and dial-up hardware because it is very cheap and open hardware based on the Sanguino project.
I originally used the driver of pololu. I decided to use the driver of dawantai.
This needs to improve a little bit of the circuit interface between the pololu docking station and the drive.
See connection scheme.
It took me some time to find out how this connection works.
You can run any industrial steeper using Arduino, RaspberryPi, or similar hardware.
Also, I connected two power supplies on the XZ axis and YY axis because Y is two motor axes.
For the box connection to the motor, I used the 4pin GND XLR connector.
Keep in mind that long cables cause interference when using the motor.
To avoid accidents, I recommend a good cable with a screen.
Marlin is the best firmware for the RepRap project.
It provides full support for automatic printing and provides enough functionality for simple CNC machines.
I decided to use Marin Grbl (
The most famous CNC project)
SD autonomous work is not supported.
My changes to Marin are in my repository.
I disabled all the options related to 3D printing and added something to the screen view.
Basically, you have to adjust the firmware default value to the real world of CNC.
For this case, it is very useful to have a lot of calibration guidelines for RepRap.
Basically, the document you have to edit in school is calibration.
H and calibration _ adv.
Keep in mind that my configuration is set up to work autonomously.
If you want to work from a PC via a parallel port, you have to disable it.
Computer-aided manufacturing software is used to create GCODE that our CNC will read.
There are a lot of open source CAM Projects to meet all your needs.
I use PyCAM because it supports full 3D CAM for GNU/Linux and is open source. GCODE that generates PyCAM is ready to run into EMC2 software.
But we want to use it in the Marlin firmware and need to make some changes.
To do this, you have a script that I found in this blog: this software works, but not a very fast CAM algorithm.
It\'s important to know how to optimize the process.
If you execute pycam in GNU/Linux, I suggest you activate multiple
The thread supports executing the server with \"pypy\" and connecting the client on the same host.
Server: pypy pycam/pycam--start-server-only --server-auth-key=fietspomp --number-of-
Client: pycam/pycam-process = 4 & python-enable-server --remote-
Server = local host--server-auth-key=fietspomp --number-of-
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