Curtain wall system door and window processing equipment: automatic single-head aluminum profile cutting machine (suitable for aluminum and pvc)

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-02
The automatic single-head aluminum cutting machine (suitable for aluminum and pvc) of curtain wall system door and window aluminium processing machine is suitable for cutting aluminum and PVC profiles in curtain wall system engineering. It can provide you with reliable and effective productivity support. Compared with large-scale The double-head cutting saw is more flexible to use. The product advantages and parameters provided in this article do not represent the product parameters of the equipment, but are only used as a knowledge for the introduction of the machine. If you have a need for this product, you can move to: Aluminum door and window corner code automatic cutting saw LJJZ-450. Automatic single-head aluminum profile cutting machine (suitable for aluminum and pvc). The cutting range is 0°-180°. There are fixed stoppers at 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° for cutting. There is no need to set the angle, and the scale can be used as a reference for the remaining positions. There is an extra lock on the sliding plate. The special design of the fixed sliding plate for the intermediate degree can prevent the sawdust from accumulating in it. The diameter of the diamond saw blade is 450 mm. For safety reasons, the power supply is cut off when the protective cover is opened. Adjustable cutting speed with vertical pneumatic clamping kit The machine comes standard with complete bearings and measuring conveyor belts (each 3 meters long). The machine can be used as an option for aluminum profile cutting. Hydraulic pneumatic and cooling system equipment parameter information power supply 380V/50Hz input power 2.2kW motor speed 2800r/min working air pressure 0.5~0.8MPa automatic feeding length 5~120mm saw blade specifications Ф450×Ф30×4.4 Zu003d120 sawing width 135mm sawing height 200mm saw blade feed speed ~ 3m/min overall size 1500×1400×1300mm549
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