Concealed drainage method of broken aluminum doors and windows

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-11
Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are often made by different broken bridge aluminum doors and windows aluminium processing machine, which means that if we want to better broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, we need to continuously upgrade the equipment itself, and use drainage methods. In terms of door and window processing equipment, there have been many targeted improvements. In this article, Machinery Co., Ltd. brings you a little knowledge about the drainage of broken aluminum doors and windows. After installation, many doors and windows may leak into the house due to rain and snow weather. This is undoubtedly unwilling to happen. Therefore, the concealed drainage of aluminum alloy doors and windows comes in handy! Although there is a gap between the profile and the door and window glass Sealing strips, but at the micro level, there are always capillaries between the sealing strips and the glass and profiles. Outdoor rainwater will enter the cavity through these capillaries under the action of alternating wind pressure. This is an inevitable phenomenon. In addition to blocking the water as much as possible in the structure, we must also drain the water as much as possible, otherwise the water will seep into the room. The traditional drainage method is to add a plastic cover after opening a hole on one side of the profile. The disadvantage is that the water in the inner cavity is horizontally arranged, and the power is insufficient, and it is easy to be blown down by the wind. In addition, the cover plate is not beautiful and is easy to age and fall off. The advantages of adopting this drainage method: 1. The drainage outlet falls vertically, and the drainage power is sufficient. The traditional horizontal outlet is changed to vertical downward drainage. Under the action of gravity, water can be discharged around the water outlet at the same time, so that the total drainage volume becomes larger. 2. Prevent the wind from flowing backward. The vertical drainage holes avoid the backward flow caused by the lateral blowing of the wind. The water is directly discharged out of the body, the resistance is reduced, and the drainage is smoother. 3. There is no need to arrange the openings, and the appearance is more beautiful, and the drainage holes cannot be seen. This is the reason for the so-called concealed type. The use of concealed drainage design can improve the waterproof performance of doors and windows, prevent water leakage, and keep the room dry. At present, many families will choose the products produced by this type of aluminum alloy door and window equipment. From here, it can be seen that different door and window processing equipment has a great impact on the product. Often a small detail causes the product. It is a very big change. 110
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