Complete selection of industrial aluminum processing equipment

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-27
The choice of industrial aluminum aluminium processing machine is complete. The machinery is an experienced aluminum processing machinery provider. We provide a series of door and window equipment including milling machines, cutting saws, and corner assembly machines to improve your aluminum processing efficiency. A complete industrial aluminum profile processing center has more than three types of processing equipment! Why say these three? Because these three commonly used processing equipment are very basic, they are cutting machines (the machine is fully automatic, and the cutting angle can be adjusted); the open oblique press of the punch drills the holes where the holes need to be drilled; The threader taps at the position where the threaded rod needs to be installed. Here is a detailed introduction to these three machine tools. Let me talk about cutting machine tools first. Everyone knows that the ex-factory length of the profile is 6 meters. The size of the frame to be assembled is naturally different. If you want to form a frame, you have to cut them. Among the Shanghai Qiyu cutting machines, there are single-head cutting machines and double-head cutting machines with a cutting accuracy of 0.3 mm. Let's talk about the punch. Have you noticed that on the assembled frame, there is sometimes a small hole on the profile side? This hole is called a through hole. It is used to tighten the half-round head bolt with a simple wrench, but the other hole is a counterbore, which is used to install a hexagon socket bolt? The equipment used at the opening is an oblique press punch, and the punching size is accurate and without deviation. Then we talk about tapping machines, such as some carts, mobile shelves, mobile whiteboards, mobile material cabinets, etc., install spiral casters at the bottom, or when these accessories are used for joints and shoe irons, tapping at the bottom of the profile is required. The equipment needed is a desktop tapping machine-semi-automatic desktop tapping machine, vertical tapping machine and horizontal tapping machine. Industrial aluminum profiles have a wide range of applications, strong versatility, environmental protection, convenient assembly and disassembly, and time-saving features. Suitable for applications: rectangular tubes, assembly line workbenches, anti-static consoles, etc. If you need the corresponding equipment, you can contact us to provide you with high quality and low price aluminum profile aluminium processing machine. 197
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