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by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-28
In this project we will clear the parts from the old PC CDRom(s)
Establish a completely normal use of CNC machine tools (
Basically any type)
Arduino that will run on G-Code.
For more information and projects related to Arduino and Raspberry Pi, please visit my website and you can also visit our official neural network page:Rom(s)
So they are perpendicular to each other, thus forming 3 axes, that is, X, Y, and Z.
Now just follow the circuit diagram below to connect easydriver, Motors, and Arduino.
Next, upload the given hex file to Arduino using XLoader
The sender of the code and connect the Arduino.
Now go to Settings> firmware settings> GRBL.
These are the X, Y, and Z steps of my machine (yours may vary).
Now you can browse G-Code (
I generated G-with InkScape-Code)
It\'s time to start printing the file and send it to the ArduinoYour CNC machine.
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