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Aluminum alloy door and window equipment includes aluminum alloy door and window double head cutting saw: double head CNC precision saw, double head digital precision saw, double head precision saw, small precision saw, double head 06 saw; broken bridge aluminum door and window angle machine: single head Group angle machine, double head angle machine, four head angle machine; broken bridge aluminum door and window end face milling machine: large face milling, small face milling; broken bridge aluminum door and window corner code saw: automatic angle saw, semi-automatic angle saw; Four-station press, six-station press; aluminum-plastic door and window lock hole processing machine; aluminum-plastic door and window single-axis copy milling machine; the following is about aluminum alloy door and window equipment:

LJZ2-500×4200(5000) aluminum door and window double-head precision cutting sawing machine

The machine is suitable for the cutting of aluminum door and window and curtain wall profiles. The feeding system adopts the imported linear guide motion pair with high precision and good stability. The right head feeds the ball of the guide rail for the movement form, the shipowner has high precision, accurate positioning and stable operation. The machine adopts numerical control technology to complete automatic cutting of profiles with different specifications. The two saw heads automatically convert the angle for any angle cut. Original imported carbide saw blade with high processing precision and high durability. The imported linear bearing motion pair makes the working precision stable. The high precision spindle stabilizes the saw blade rotation. The gas-liquid damper cylinder achieves uniform feed speed regulation and smooth motion.

The main technical parameters:

Working pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa

Input power supply 380V 50HZ

Air consumption 200 L/min

Input power 5.9KW

Saw blade specification Φ500×Φ30×4.5

Saw blade speed 3100 r/min

Cutting width 135 mm

Cutting height 200 mm

Double cut length 400-4200 mm

Dimensions 5500 × 1700 × 1800 mm

Weight 2100 kg

LJJ-120 aluminum door and window single head angle machine

This machine is a special equipment for the production of high-grade aluminum doors and windows. It is suitable for 90° angle connection of corner structure aluminum doors and windows. It adopts the new structure of mechanical linkage. It is the complete synchronization of the group angles. The positioning is adjustable up and down, suitable for processing different sectional shapes and Dimensions of the profile.

The rigid punching of the left and right punches avoids the undesired deformation of the group angle process and makes the corner connection more firm. The synchronous feed structure makes the adjustment of the machine simple, and the thread adjusts the distance between the upper and lower groups to make the tooling work convenient. The single-pole multi-point angle knife can be configured to make the angle of the aluminum door and window of the heat-insulated bridge more reliable.

The main technical parameters:

Power supply 380V 50HZ

Motor 1.5KW

Motor speed 1400r/min

Rated oil pump pressure 16MPa

Air source working pressure 0.5~~0.8MPa

Air consumption 2L/min

Fuel tank capacity 20L

Total group angular pressure 48KN

Group angle cylinder movement stroke 98mm

Main positioning block adjustment range 70mm

Processing profile height (large) 120mm

Dimensions 1000*1200*1200mm

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