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by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2020-02-18
NJPE- The double-effect improvement of the manufacturing department has been carried out in depth and more front-line employees have been found to improve NJPE. In order to improve the enthusiasm of all employees to participate in the continuous improvement, the manufacturing department has started to promote the management of the double-effect improvement since 2016, the purpose is to stand at the starting point of the direction of 'transformation, breakthrough and innovation', give full play to the creativity of the vast number of employees, and improve the company's technological research and development and improvement level, propose and promote more excellent improvement projects with core competitiveness to achieve 'double-effect' results of improving production efficiency and efficiency. In 2017, double-effect performance held 10 double-effect meetings according to the frequency of the first phase of each month. 45 double-effect projects were proposed and promoted, 36 of which were actually completed, with a timely completion rate of 80% and an expected benefit of about 154. 20 thousand yuan, all indicators reached the target set at the beginning of the year, 88. 57% of the managers participate in the promotion and implementation of the double-effect project. In 2018, the manufacturing double-effect work continued to be carried out in depth. In order to effectively implement and promote the promoted projects to the actual production and processing lines, each department set up a double-effect promotion group this year, screening, evaluation, supervision and inspection, training, promotion and acceptance of all proposed projects. At the same time, the manufacturing department also increased the management of double-effect projects and focused on the completion of all projects in the S, A, B and C project hierarchy. At the same time, it is required that the output results of all promoted projects must form relevant standard documents, and all involved actual production personnel should be trained. Project level project content, remarks S company-level double-effect major projects, can organize the Application of Science and Technology Progress Award A department-level double-effect Project B department-level double-effect Project C process-level double-effect project NJPE- Domestic hardware equipment first-class lamp mold manufacturers, we strive to achieve 'perfect quality' and 'ultra short delivery period' only for you to win greater benefits! We look forward to your call :! Or click on the right side of the consultation online customer service! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. NJPE-Big data system of self-created manufacturing department
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