Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows processing equipment knowledge: how to achieve sound insulation of doors and windows?

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-06
This time I bring you the knowledge of processing equipment for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows: how to achieve sound insulation of doors and windows? Soundproof windows are windows that can prevent up to 95% of external sounds from entering your house. These windows block different sounds according to their frequency. High-frequency sounds, such as police sirens and car alarms, are easier to block than low-frequency sounds, such as the rumble of a train. Can broken aluminum doors and windows really soundproof? No residential window can block all sounds every time. The term sound insulation is short for noise reduction window, which can reduce 90% to 95% of the noise entering the house through the window. When shopping for windows, you need to determine which sound frequencies you want to protect yourself from. The acoustic industry makes it easier to purchase soundproof windows by rating the soundproof characteristics of windows, the so-called sound transmission level (STC). The higher the number, it indicates that the window has a stronger ability to control the sound. Traditional single-layer windows have an average STC rating of 26; double-layer windows have an average STC rating of 28. However, the minimum STC level of soundproof windows is 45, and some windows have an STC level of more than 50, which can reduce external noise by 95%. How does the broken bridge aluminum door and window aluminium processing machine achieve sound insulation of doors and windows? In order to block the sound, you must form a barrier between the sound source and the ear that perceives the sound. Homes do this through roofs, walls and windows to prevent sound waves from entering. In order to improve the STC level of the window and enhance its ability to block sound, the window manufacturer must: 1. Increase the distance between the panes: increase the air space 2. Make the glass thicker: increase the quality 3. Use laminated glass, this kind of glass It is made of a plastic sheet sandwiched between two pieces of glass, which can block the spread of noise. The wooden frames of soundproof windows are also designed to prevent vibrations from entering the room through the wood, because they are cut against the grain of the frame. 369
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