Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows processing equipment knowledge: aluminum profile CNC milling machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-06
Broken bridge aluminum door and window aluminium processing machine manufacturers bring you the introductory knowledge of aluminum profile CNC milling machines. This equipment relies on CNC technology as the core, adopts a more powerful and reliable processing combination, and can carry out a series of drilling holes for aluminum profiles. And processing work. The parameters provided in this article do not represent the product parameters of the equipment, but are only for your reference for getting started with the machine. If you have a demand for this product, you can move to: Aluminum profile seven-axis CNC end milling machine LDX7-CNC-250. Features of aluminum profile CNC milling machine 1.1 It is suitable for drilling, milling grooves, processing round holes and special-shaped holes, and plane engraving of aluminum alloy profiles. 1.2 The system adopts Taiwan SYNTEC CNC controller. 1.3 Adopt electric spindle: high precision, high safety and high reliability. 1.4 X axis adopts high-precision helical gear and rack, Y, Z axis adopts high-precision ball screw transmission, high precision. 1.5 Using programming software to automatically convert and process G codes, easy to operate, high efficiency, and low labor intensity. 1.6 The worktable cannot be rotated, and the T-slot table is added. Three-sided machining can be realized in one clamping. Deep holes and special-shaped holes can be processed through the worktable, with high efficiency and high precision. Equipment parameter introduction 2.1 Power supply: 380V/60Hz2.2 spindle. 3KW2.3 spindle speed: 18000rpm2.4 air pressure: 0.5~0.6MPa 2.5X axis travel. 3000mm2.6Y-axis travel. 500mm2.7Z axis travel. 350mm2.8 profile width to the highest value: 300mm2.5 overall size. 4190*1600*2200mm2.6 Weight: 1700kg 472
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