Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows increase several disadvantages that may occur with blinds

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-28
Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows add several disadvantages that may occur with shutters, including lower energy efficiency, increased cost, limited design options, etc. According to the mechanical experience of the broken bridge aluminum door and window processing equipment manufacturer, the following are a few of the integral shutters Disadvantages: 1. Low energy efficiency. Manufacturers usually use argon to insulate windows and seal them between double windows to reduce airflow. However, in order to maintain the integrity of window decorations, they may not add this kind of insulation to the styles equipped with integral shutters. Doing so will reduce the U coefficient of the window, which is a measure of its thermal insulation and energy efficiency. To overcome this problem, please choose triple-glazed windows and make sure they have a separate insulating glass layer. 2. Cost increase The cost of buying a new window with integral shutters is higher than buying a set of shutters. Under normal circumstances, manufacturers classify built-in blinds as special products. This means you need to spend more than traditional window models. Some of these types of windows may cost you between US$500 and US$1,000. Another cost that needs to be considered is the price of replacing the blinds. Although glass protects the internal shutters, it does not mean that they will not be damaged. The cost of installing an overall replacement shutter is about or more than $100. At this price, you can buy a new window. 3. Limited design choices. Choosing integral shutters may limit your choices. Although traditional shutters have a variety of materials to choose from, such as bamboo, aluminum, pine, etc., if you choose built-in shutters, your choices may be very limited. In addition, because they are sliders, you won't find them in various styles, such as Venetian blinds. Although many have elegant and solemn appeal, they are not the best choice for special or unique window treatments. Windows with integral shutters have many advantages, making them an excellent alternative to traditional shutters and sun visors. Although you may not want to decorate all your windows with monolithic shutters because of their cost and lack of options, you can install them in rooms prone to stains, oil stains, and dust. If you are the owner of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows aluminium processing machine, you can consider the actual situation of your customers when processing doors and windows, and see if adding blinds is really suitable for my customers. 368
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