Broken bridge aluminum door and window processing equipment owners need to know the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-09-07
The owners of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows aluminium processing machine need to know the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows, so that they can be targeted when users need them. Of course, the discussion here is only about ordinary aluminum doors and windows, not the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows after continuous upgrades and iterations. . Aluminum used to be considered mainly used in industrial buildings and offices, but it is also transitioning to the home market. why? Because it is very affordable and does not require any maintenance, it is comparable to vinyl. Advantages of aluminum windows: low prices, but very worth the money spent. Low maintenance. A variety of surface treatments help to solve the wear problem, and there is no need to repaint. The slender shape and narrow frame provide more glass, which looks good and allows more natural light to enter. It is very light and can be customized and unique configuration. It is difficult to deform and has a long service life. Disadvantages of aluminum windows: The aluminum used in the aluminium processing machine for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is a kind of metal, so it attracts heat like a magnet. The same is true for the cold. There is no doubt that aluminum is the type of window material that is not energy efficient on the market. In winter, this may restrict the field of view and look uncomfortable. The salt in the air or water will make it easily corroded within a period of time. 371
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