bigger roles of toshiba unit and kongsberg cited

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Toshiba machinery admitted yesterday that it began selling advanced Soviet ships
As early as 1974, propeller milling tools showed investigators that Japanese manufacturers have a wider and longer-term
Long-term trade relations with Russia are more than previously thought.
Toshiba\'s statement comes as the Pentagon, in a declassified summary, describes the Soviet Union\'s progress in designing complex, quiet propellers, describing the greater role of the Norwegian government --
It owns the arms company, Vaapenfabrikk, Fort conburg.
Lawmakers say finding a broader model of transfer to the Soviet Union could fuel congressional retaliation for Toshiba and Konsberg.
The disclosures also questioned earlier statements about how the Soviet Union first approached the two companies to gain national interest. of-the-
In the 1980s S, art grinding equipment and software that drove it.
Previously, investigators suspected that both Toshiba Machines and Konsberg had \"tripped over the deal,\" in the words of an American official, when a small Japanese trading company with an office in Moscow approached them.
Now, officials are increasingly skeptical that when eight large machine tools were installed at the Baltic Shipyard and adjacent facilities outside Leningrad, the companies and their products may have been well known to the Soviet Navy for 1983 and 1984.
Toshiba acknowledged that it sent two large machine tools to Russia in 1974, which was reported in Japanese media, reporting that up to six Machine tools may have been shipped until 1980, s. officials were not surprised.
\"This is the first reliable sign that we saw Toshiba doing business with the Soviet Union before 1982,\" said Stephen D . \"
Bryen, head of the Pentagon\'s export control office.
\"But we have already shown that the Soviet Union had some help in the 1970s and now we are starting to know what that help is.
\"In a brief statement released yesterday in Tokyo, Toshiba Machines denied that 1974 of the goods violated Western export control laws.
The company recommends that the device has been modified to ensure that it meets the restrictions of prohibiting the export of any tool that allows the simultaneous use of more than two \"axes --
A phrase describing a plane in which a machine cutting head can cut a propeller into a shape.
But Pentagon officials said yesterday that the changes were temporary and easy to reverse once the equipment was on Soviet soil.
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Japanese officials in Tokyo
They rarely give details of their continued investigation.
They are only exploring the possibility of further violations of the export rules.
\"So far, our investigation has not led us to believe that Toshiba Machines illegally sold machine tools to the Soviet Union by 1982, \'foreign ministry spokesman\'s international trade.
1974 of sales came after Russians expressed interest in some Americans.
Grinding equipment that they obviously can\'t get.
The plan was launched in 1979, but a decryption report released by the Pentagon yesterday said that it was not until 1979 that Russia launched an advanced plan to calm down their submarine propellers, both the United States and Russia are trying to detect one of the main sources of underwater noise in order to track each other\'s submarine fleet.
Submarines are often considered to be the most impeccable and therefore the most dangerous launch platform for nuclear missiles.
The Ministry of Defense reported that initially, the Soviet Union\'s research was carried out at the \"Institute specializing in the design of submarine hull and propeller water dynamics\", but these institutes only produce prototype models rather than real propellers.
\"The Soviets got modern computers before 1981 --
Control drafting equipment and five-
\"The shaft, using the CNC propeller milling machine of the Konsberg CNC,\" the report added . \".
Prior to this, no one thought that Konsberg provided the controllers for these machines.
It guides the formation of the propellerbefore 1983.
Officials at Konsberg could not be reached for comment.
A version of the article appears on the national edition D00002 page of July 29, 1987, with the title: the larger role cited by Toshiba and Konsberg.
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