Basic requirements for using CNC drilling and milling machines

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-29
The birth of CNC drilling and milling machines has greatly improved the work efficiency of processing plants and the accuracy of product processing. Therefore, it is inevitable that aluminum doors and windows CNC drilling and milling machines will replace traditional milling machines. So what aspects must we pay attention to when using CNC milling machines? 1: Safe. Carry out the system of fixed personnel and fixed machine, observe the operation and maintenance regulations, use it reasonably, pay attention to observe the operation, and avoid safety accidents. 2: Neat. Tools, workpieces, and accessories are placed neatly, equipment parts and safety protection devices are complete, and the lines and piping are complete. 3: Clean. The inside and outside of the equipment are clean, there is no ‘yellow gown’, all sliding surfaces, screw rods, racks, and gears are free of oil and damage; no oil, water, or air leaks at all parts, and iron filings are cleaned. 4: Lubrication. Fill and change the oil on time, and the oil quality meets the requirements; the oil gun, oil can, oil cup, and nozzle are complete, the oil felt, the oil line are clean, the oil window is bright, the oil path is unobstructed, safe, tidy, clean, and lubricated. Will greatly increase the service life of the CNC milling machine. The performance development of domestic CNC drilling and milling machine tools is generally on the rise. 1. The performance development trend: high speed, high precision, high reliability, low equipment failure rate, system integration, high degree of flexibility, and high degree of system intelligence. The control architecture of CNC machine tools is becoming more and more open. Numerical control functional components are becoming more and more professional. The market is more and more personalized and agile. Second, the problems and gaps of domestic CNC drilling and milling machines. The gap between precision and speed. The gap between quality and stability. Reliability gap products Appearance and manufacturing process gap product intelligence gap gap product secondary development capabilities machine tool manufacturers do not fully understand the printed board manufacturing process 3. Basic ideas for the development of domestic printed board CNC drilling and milling machine development of CNC software to improve awareness and system innovation Improve the scientific and technological innovation system, solve the core technology and key functional components to form a supporting system, and comprehensively enhance the international core competitiveness. Therefore, in the face of the general trend of economic globalization, we must not only fully recognize the special opportunities for our own development, but also calmly consider The challenge we are facing, if we do not recognize our own deficiencies and gaps, and cannot talk about sustainable development at all, we will become a labor-intensive processing and assembly workshop. At present, we can only comprehensively plan and focus on support under a good economic environment, and through scientific and technological system innovation, we can comprehensively enhance the international core competitiveness. Domestic CNC drilling and milling machine tools can fully grasp the main supporting resources and core resources. In this way, our national CNC machine tool industry The prosperity will be just around the corner.
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