Automatic aluminum door and window hinge drilling machine

by:kingtool aluminium machinery     2021-08-31
The aluminum door and window hinge drilling machine has several factors that affect the reliability of the assembly angle. The choice of main profile The cavity structure of the main profile strives to be reasonable. The profile used for aluminum alloy doors and windows is thin-walled. If there is an error between the profiles, it is easy to cause assembly The corner process is too troublesome or the corner assembly fails. The wall thickness of the profile is also important to the reliability of the corner assembly. For the corner assembly process alone, because the corner connection of the aluminum door and window hinge drilling unit is realized through the deformation of the profile, the wall thickness of the profile directly affects the connection. Intensity. The cutting accuracy of the aluminium processing machine precision profile affects its processing accuracy and even the reliability of the group angle, and the working accuracy of the aluminium processing machine is also the main factor affecting its processing accuracy. Water seepage of aluminum door and window hinge drilling machine is quite a hidden danger, which will seriously affect the service life of the building. There are also many reasons for water seepage in doors and windows, involving design, material use, installation and management. Let's analyze the causes of water seepage in doors and windows below. ①The surface treatment of aluminum door and window hinge drilling machine aluminum profile does not meet the national standards, the adhesion of the surface coating is not strong, and the oxide film is too thin or too thick, which leads to the sealant sticking. The connection fails. ②The strength and rigidity of the main load-bearing components aluminum profile columns and beams are insufficient, and the wall thickness of the force-bearing part of the section is less than 3mm. Under the action of the load standard value, the relative deflection is greater than L/180 or the deflection is greater than 20mm, and the curtain wall is seriously deformed. Displacement and rainwater leakage occurred. ③ No high-quality high-precision grade aluminum materials are used, especially the curtain wall columns should use ultra-high-precision grades. The aluminum profile is unqualified, and its curvature, twisting degree, wave degree, etc. seriously exceed the standard, causing the flatness and verticality of the overall doors and windows to fail to meet the requirements. ①In order to save costs, the aluminum door and window hinge drilling machine uses ordinary sealant instead of weather-resistant silicone sealant for outdoor caulking. After the sun's ultraviolet rays are irradiated, the glue joint will age prematurely and cause cracking. ②Using expired structural silicone sealant, weather-resistant silicone sealant, and wall glue, the glue joints will bubble, crack or not solidify, resulting in water seepage in doors and windows. ③The structural silicone sealant contact material compatibility experiment was not carried out according to the specifications, and the result was that the structural silicone sealant was incompatible with aluminum profiles, glass, adhesive strips and other materials, and chemical changes that affected the adhesion occurred, and the sealing effect was also affected. . ①The glass strength of the automatic aluminum door and window hinge drilling machine has not been checked, and the glass does not have enough bearing capacity. It cracks and shatters under a typhoon, causing water to enter. ②The glass has not been checked for thermal stress. The large area of u200bu200bglass absorbs sunlight, and the thermal stress exceeds its allowable stress, causing thermal fracture and water leakage in doors and windows. ③Glass size tolerance exceeds the standard, and the embedded amount and gap on both sides of the glass do not meet the requirements. When installed on the exposed frame glass curtain wall, if the glass is too small, the embedding depth of the notch is insufficient, the width of the glue gap does not meet the requirements, and the glass is easy to break from the edge. If the glass is too large, the slot is embedded too deep, and the glass is easily squeezed out by the aluminum profile, causing water seepage. ④The glass is not processed with edge chamfering. After installation, the glass is prone to stress concentration, which may cause dark cracking or self-explosion, which may cause hidden dangers.
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